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What is the Purpose of a Website?

Website Purpose What is the purpose of a website? I’ve had the good fortune of working with many different clients across a wide range of industries. A question I often get from prospective clients is, ‘Have you ever done a website in XYZ industry’? Many times I have, but even when I haven’t, it doesn’t […]

5 Marketing Design Ideas to Increase Conversions on Your Website

The main goal of your marketing design should be in line with your business products and services to potential clients who need them. The purpose of a marketing design is to educate and convert visitors.In this article, we will talk about two of my favorite subjects which are marketing and design. We will see how specifically […]

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

What’s your website’s bounce rate? Is it too high? How do you reduce bounce rate? If you can reduce your bounce rate, you can get more visitors coming to your site and make more money. If your website is making money right now, this will help you make more money. What is a bounce rate? […]

How To Choose The Best Web Design Services For Your Project

What will help you achieve your 2019 business goals? If you’re anything like the general population you already let go of new year’s resolutions. Don’t worry-it happens to the best of us. But will a mid year resolution bring you the success you’re after? There’s no better time than the present to get quality web design […]

The 9 Hottest Web Design Trends For 2019 You Can’t Ignore

These are web design trends focused on small businesses looking to generate more traffic and customers for their website. In this article, I’m going to share with you my 9 web design trends in 2019. I’m Victor Thomas, the founder of Thomas Digital, the place where small businesses go to get beautifully designed, custom WordPress […]

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