Branding in Web Design

How do consumers pick between one provider and another? After all, there are a lot of similar products out there to choose from. The answer is branding. Branding differentiates one website from its competitors. This sounds elementary, but very often companies neglect to understand the importance of branding.

A brand is a representation of a product or service. It details the characteristics, experience, and values associated with a company. When people use a product or service, they remember their experience (good or bad) and associate these experiences with that product. Of course, you want them to associate your name with a good experience.

Web Design and Branding

For branding to work, it is important that a website communicates how they see themselves. Also, they also need to convey what their clients think about their products. Finally, branding needs to tell a story to connect with the customers. All of this builds relationships and keeps customers coming back. A loyal customer is worth more than two new ones.

Branding is not Just About Having a Good Looking Logo

A company logo or a product logo is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other elements of a well-designed website that are just as important.

San Francisco Web Design

Quality Imagery

The majority of website visitors are visually focused, and nothing catches their attention like a well-placed image of the product offered on a website.

San Francisco Web Design

Relevant and Up To Date Content

Website viewers want to know if a website can answer their wants or needs. You want to provide clear and relevant content to keep them engaged. His also keeps them on your site longer and increases the likelihood of a sale.

San Francisco Web Design

Ease of Use

It is very irritating to get lost inside a website and not know where to go or what to do next. Clear and intuitive navigation makes it easier to promote a product or service and close a sale. Make sure your web pages are simple, without a lot of clutter.

San Francisco Web DesignConsistent Colors

The use of color is not just about aesthetics. It also triggers subconscious associations and emotions. Blue, for example, symbolizes trust; green for health, nature or environment; and red for energy and enthusiasm. Consequently, color plays a big part in brand identity.

San Francisco Web DesignRelatable Emotion and Character

A website’s character and personality have to be in line with the company’s brand. If a company is all about trust and security, then site viewers must be able to relate to this when going through the company’s website.

San Francisco Web DesignConsistency

Setting a consistent look and feel throughout a website and its pages regarding typography, colors, visuals, and layout not only helps to make a brand memorable but also makes web pages load faster

San Francisco Web DesignA Memorable User Experience

Website viewers now use a bevy of platforms and devices to browse websites. Mobile compatible websites leave a positive impression on site visitors.

Branding in web design is so much more than a company’s logo on a website. Branding is a well thought out strategy to help people associate a product or service with values.

To make it effective, you need to tell a story which creates an emotional response in your customers. You will find that this connection keeps them coming back. Once you’ve developed your brand, then work on increasing your brand equity.

To increase brand equity, you need a well-designed website. Brand equity adds value to your company’s products. This allows you to charge more compared to competitors. Also, you can expect higher positions on browser search results.

You should look for a web design firm with a strong marketing background. Design and branding is an integrated process. If you develop both at the same time, then you can expect better results.

If you need ideas on how you can develop your brand, then contact us. We put together a free mock-up of your site at no cost to you. So, let us show you how to integrate branding into your site.

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