The Branding and Style Guide of Famous Websites

Want to know an interesting secret about websites?

They are all made up of the same code.

Whether you are looking at a ‘free’ template or a website that cost a million bucks to design, they are all using the same basic code to render the website.

All websites use CSS and HTML to render the page.

They also all use the same fonts and colors.

There’s no super secret color or font only available to Apple that they can use on their website, that you can’t use on yours.

Pretty crazy huh?

Anyone can view the source of any website out there and find out the exact colors and fonts they have used.

And that’s just what we have done. We’ve taken a look under the hood of some of the best website designs and the web and have put together the exact stylesheets they are using.

Here some examples

Air BnB




New York Times





Why would we do this?

Our motto is, to learn from the best. If you’re going to get inspirations from other websites, why not go straight to the top?

These websites receive millions of visitors each day and are constantly running split tests on their designs, fonts, etc…

Why not learn from their investment and see what design elements they are using to bring them success?

Your own Branding and Style Guide

Did you know that part of our design package is to provide you with your own branding and style guide? You will receive a color palette and typography sheet which will define the fonts and colors used throughout your company’s website. This can be used throughout your company’s marketing collateral to ensure that there is uniformity in your company’s branding. Contact us to learn more.

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