How to Design a B2B SaaS Website

You can find a lot of information available on how to build a B2B website.  Our website has several good articles on website design like How to Properly Design a Website Footer or 7 Website Design Trends for 2018. But, when it comes to designing a B2B SaaS Website there are some very specific web design elements that will increase your site’s effectiveness.

Defining the Acronyms

First, let’s define what we mean by a B2B SaaS website.

B2B – Business to business – one company marketing to others.

SaaS – Selling software as a service – your product offering includes plugins, programs, or mods that help facilitate the work done by another company.

Why Is a B2B SaaS Website Different?

Consider this for a minute.

Thomas Digital Design is a web design company. How would you react if you clicked through to our website and it wouldn’t load or one of my landing pages returned a 404 Not Found?

Your opinion of my abilities would immediately sink and you’d backtrack to find another web designer.

And you should.

What about your website? After all, a B2B SaaS Website markets software, therefore the assumption is that your company knows its way around a computer. Regardless of what type of software you offer (it could be meant for time card readers), nobody will believe in your ability to write code if your website doesn’t function properly.

Not only does it need to work well on the backend, it also has to meet the very specific needs of your primary clients. Therefore, UX Design takes precedence in a B2B situation.

I know. I’m throwing out more acronyms.

UX Design stands for ‘user experience’ and focuses on making things easy and relevant for your website visitors.

Critical Elements for a B2B SaaS Website Design

So what exactly are the elements of a B2B SaaS UX Design? (That’s a mouthful of acronyms)

User Interface (UI) Images

If I am buying your software product, I want to see the user interface. Pretty pictures will NOT convince me that your product will suit my needs. Instead, I want you to show me what the backend looks like. Give me images of input and output. How easy is it to use? Will I be able to navigate the software easily or will there be a learning curve?

Show me what everything I can expect using clear, professional grade images.

Embed Videos

A video demonstration is even better than images (though you can’t forgo the images). Video offers a more in-depth look and also allows for narration where you can emphasize key features. Just keep in mind that your video needs to load correctly so that it does not bog down your site.

As we said before, more important than any design element is that you have proper coding and that your website does not appear ‘broken.’

A Prominent CTA for a Free Personalized Demo

Whether you think of it as a design element or marketing ploy, or both, the Free Demo is absolutely necessary for a B2B SaaS offering. Nobody wants to purchase software without trying it first. Plus, the CTA serves the ultimate purpose of any website – gathering leads!

Since getting someone to give over their contact information is the end goal, the CTA needs to be featured prominently and in multiple places.

Identify Multiple Users

If your software has multiple applications, then give equal attention to all of them. Don’t assume that your website visitor fully understands all they ways they can utilize your product. Think about your current clients and delve further into their individual industries.

For example, we have built legal websites, construction websites, websites for non-profits, and yes, a lot of B2B Saas Websites. Because of this diversity, we have landing pages for each industry that highlights how we can service their needs specifically.

Another thing to consider is that B2B usually involves a lot of ‘yesses.’ Initial contact might occur with the primary user, but they don’t always have the power to make the final decision. Include content for all the stages of the marketing funnel and every level of a company. That way your website design can cut down on ‘the need to sell’ your product once you gather your lead.

Add Some Pizazz

Finally, make your B2B SaaS Website Design interesting. You are not marketing to a ‘company’ but rather the flesh and blood person behind the company that is currently surfing your site. Most of your visitors are probably at work and will welcome the opportunity for a bit of entertainment, even if its a software demo video that is funny and engaging. (But stick to the point, or you could lose them. Time is money).

Incorporate a splash of color or some graphic illustrations that are more eye-catching than a screenshot of black text on a white background.

Software does NOT need to be boring!

Summing Up How to Design a B2B SaaS Website

All websites need some basic elements if they hope to draw traffic and then convert visitors into qualified leads.

However, a B2B SaaS Website needs to take those basics and tailor them more specifically to reach their particular clients. Thomas Digital Design can help you pinpoint exactly how that looks for your particular product.

If you find that your SaaS site is not performing as you like, contact us. 

Thomas Digital Design will create a Free Mock-Up of a B2B Saas website design focused on user experience and conversion. You’ll get it in seven days without any future commitment or risk.



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