40 Best Catering Websites

When it comes to catering, the food is not the only thing that matters. The look of your website can make or break a deal for many future customers. That’s why we have compiled this list of 40 Best Catering Websites! These websites are beautifully designed and offer excellent user experience. So before you start building your own catering site, take a look at these great examples first!

1. Ridgewells Catering

Why it works: Rigwells Catering’s website is clean and modern. The minimal texts and simple sitemap makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. This site also features outstanding photography!
best catering websitesridgewells.com

2. The Catered Affair

Why it works: The uniqueness and elegance of this website design stands out. The Catered Affair features a header video that adds sophistication and allows you to imagine yourself being there. This site also highlights excellent photography that promotes their business.

3. Global Gourmet

Why it works: Global Gourmet’s website exudes elegance and sophistication with its exquisite and professional photographs, limited color scheme, and modern typography. A well-designed website that is simple to use and navigate.
best catering websites designggcatering.com

4. Joy Wallace

Why it works: On this catering website, the colors are bright and cheerful with exceptional photography. The flow of information is excellent, leading to a call to action.

Well-Designed Catering Websites

5. Clubvivre

Why it works: Clubvivre’s website is both functional and attractive, as it is well-organized and structured. A professional and minimalistic color scheme is used here. You’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.
caterers websitesclubvivre.com

6. Queen of Hearts Catering

Why it works: The color scheme is pleasant and consistent throughout the Queen of Hearts Catering website. On the about us page, there is a lot of useful information and photos.

7. Tommy Ruff Fish Bar

Why it works: This catering website is well-organized. The colors are consistent and the animations are subtle and unobtrusive. Tommy Ruff Fish Bar also has outstanding graphics and photographs that are featured in a well-thought-out branding.
catering web sitetommyruff.com.au

8. Berlin Cuisine

Why it works: The hero banner is very eye-catching, displaying stunning photos and great creative video. Berlin Cuisine’s website prominently displayed the company logos of satisfied clients.

best catering websites

9. The Public Catering Co.

Why it works: The Public Catering website, which showcases an intriguing combination of video and image slider in the hero area, is a simple design that makes good use of images throughout the site.
top catering companiespubliccatering.co.nz

10. Hattie Mauleverer

Why it works: The site is simple to use and navigate. Throughout this catering website, pictures are used effectively.

11. Relish Catering & Events

Why it works: Despite the fact that Relish Catering Events’ website theme is bright and colorful, it is not cluttered, and the web design is interesting. The catering website is easy to navigate and follow.
top catererrelishcateringco.com

12. Take Away Catering

Why it works: A simple but effective website design. Take Away Catering’s single-page site is simple and intuitive to use, emphasizing the importance of connecting with clients.

Catering Websites For Inspiration

13. Chilli Bees Catering

Why it works: Chilli Bees Catering makes incredible use of bold, clear, and stunning photographs. The elements are appealing, and the website has a touch of class and modernity to it.
catering webchillibeescatering.co.uk

14. By Word of Mouth

Why it works: The web design is clean and simple, yet elegant. The homepage of Word of Mouth’s website is both intriguing and informative, with a catchy headline video.

15. Fords Fluent N’ Food Catering

Why it works: The use of clear, interesting, and intriguing pictures is appropriate and appealing. The colors are subtle, and the typeface is contemporary.
website for cateringfluentnfood.com

16. Bubble

Why it works: The header photos are interesting and intriguing, so you’ll want to sit back and enjoy the slides. The website of Bubble Food is full of pictures that truly showcase the quality of their work.

Professional Catering Websites

17. Smokin Hot N’ Saucy

Why it works: The site’s design is pleasant and appealing, and it corresponds to the cuisine that they serve. Smokin Hot N’ Saucy has a clean website with beautiful pictures and a clear call to action.
top catering companysmokinhotnsaucy.com.au

18. Bunji Catering

Why it works: Bunji’s website is user-friendly. Its bright color scheme, contemporary typeface, and basic grid structure make it appealing and easy to navigate.

19. Between the Bread

Why it works: Between the Bread is a simple catering website that is both attractive and easy to use. This site includes large, clear, and enticing pictures.
high end catererbetweenthebread.com

20. Acquolina Catering

Why it works: Clean, modern and inviting. Acquolina Catering focuses on showcasing their people and cuisine in a simple, easy to explore, attractive website.

Catering Professional Websites

21. Chapa

Why it works: The design is simplistic and attractive. The website of Chapa effectively combines a plain white background with vibrant food images.
best catering companychapa.com.au

22. Eco Caters

Why it works: The structure of this catering website is excellent. The colors used are attractive, the sections are easy to follow and there are strong CTAs. The beautiful photographs are the ones that draw attention first.

23. Funky’s Catering

Why it works: With its gorgeous and professional pictures, limited color palette, and modern typography, this website oozes beauty and sophistication. A well-designed website that is simple to navigate and use.
best catering companiesfunkyscatering.com

24. Joels Catering & Special Events

Why it works: The photos, color palette, and font on this catering website radiate luxury. Take a peek at their venue page to see how distinctive the font combination, layout, and color palette are on this website.

Best Catering Website Design

25. LRE Catering

Why it works: An elegant catering website design that focuses on promoting its organization by using beautiful photos and complementing it with a light background and ample white space.
high end cateringlrecatering.com

26. Salt Block Hospitality

Why it works: Because of its contemporary typeface, excellent photography, and minimalist earth tones color scheme, this website has a sophisticated look and feel.

27. Proof of the Pudding

Why it works: The website of Proof of the Pudding is bright and airy. This website demonstrates that a little amount of effort can go a long way.
top catering websitesproofpudding.com

28. Soul Catering

Why it works: A contemporary-looking website. Soul Catering is both interesting and simple to explore due to the beautiful visuals, navigation menu, thumbnails, and call-to-action buttons.

Modern Catering Websites

29. A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality

Why it works: A modest catering website with a basic structure that serves as a portal to other local catering websites. A’BriTin has both aesthetic and practical value.

30. Fresh Connections Catering

Why it works: A fresh website concept with superb video, engaging images, and photographs that bring richness to the brand.
luxurious cateringfccatering.com

31. Crave Catering

Why it works: With an exquisite color palette combined with a simple layout together with the mixture of classic and modern typeface, Crave Catering’s elegant website is the outcome of a masterful fusion of modern and traditional elements.

32. Catering by Michaels

Why it works: This catering website used a dramatic hero image to entice the visitors. Services they offer are easily accessible in the homepage sections.
top catering servicescateringbymichaels.com

top catering companies

33. Houston Catering Concepts

Why it works: Plates are cleverly used to display and download menus. Houston Catering Concepts has a user-friendly website that is easy to understand and use. It is not as delicate or exquisite as the other websites mentioned in this post, but it is unique and refreshing.

34. Begnis Catering

Why it works: Begnis Catering has a striking color palette, eye-catching pictures to promote its brand, and an amusing screen-wide video in one of its sections.

35. Rose & Food

Why it works: Rose & Food Catering’s website features a clever scrolling clients section that promotes trustworthiness. Beautiful photos of their sumptuous meals are highlighted with the effective use of whitespaces.

36. Crystal Plaza Group

Why it works: The use of their brand color across their website is excellent. The typeface utilized is a pleasant mix of traditional and modern style. This website’s photography is outstanding.

Beautiful Catering Websites

37. Lieblings Burger Catering

Why it works: Lieblings Burger uses a video header to catch the attention, as well as a dark background to make their brand colors pop. Bold sans-serif type headings are used to make important information stand out.

38. Cove Catering

Why it works: Cove Catering’s website is simple but appealing. With a huge picture that draws you in, the website is both fascinating and amusing.

39. Abigail Kirsch

Why it works: Abigail Kirsch’s catering website is a lovely and modern site that is simple to use. The outstanding pictures will encourage you to explore more.

40. Anoush

Why it works: This award winning caterer properly showcased their expertise using great videos and photographs of their food. The content is well-organized, so the visitors will be able to discover what they’re searching for with ease.


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