40 Best Cleaning Websites

With a few clicks, you can find the perfect cleaning website design to give your own site a new look. Whether you’re looking for an idea to start from scratch or just need some inspiration, these Best Cleaning Websites will have something for everyone.

Below are 40 Best Cleaning Websites that we found on the internet and think they would be good sources of inspiration:

1. Maid Right

Why it works: This site’s graphics, hues, icons, and animations are stunning. It has actual company photographs, a video introduction, social media connections, and a useful “Find Your Local Maid Right” feature.
best cleaning websiteshttps://www.maidright.com

2. SSD Pools

Why it works: SSD Pools feature a simple and easy-to-use website with large and readable fonts. They use consistent colors that are relevant to the service that they provide. The informative introduction video provides a quick rundown of their firm’s history.

3. Height

Why it works: The hero section of this website provides a simple but attractive way for the company to effectively feature its statement of purpose and strength. The minimal and clean homepage offers a sense of professional elegance.
best house cleaning websiteshttps://www.height.co.nz

4. Shine Window Cleaning

Why it works: This website has effective call-to-action links. The animated squeegee draws attention to the option of selecting a location. The bold colors and large fonts also add emphasis to their call to action. Their sticky menu, which is always visible, is another noteworthy element.

Best Cleaning Websites

5. N&S Janitorial

Why it works: N&S Janitorial has a clear and concise heading that tells exactly what they do and where they serve. They utilize several ways of showing social proof via logos of featured clients and a testimonial section.
best cleaning company websiteshttps://nsjanitorial.com

6. Men in Kilts

Why it works: The hero video background depicts the company’s actual team in action, wearing their uniforms and displaying their company vehicle. In terms of colors, background patterns, photos, and icons, the website remains true to its branding.

7. Maid Simple

Why it works: This cleaning website features a contact form on the main page, eliminating the need to go to another page to submit a cleaning request. Minimal typefaces and colors were used throughout. Floating button for accessibility is an advantage.
cleaning websiteshttps://www.maidsimplehc.com

8. Benchmark Cleaning Services

Why it works: Benchmark Cleaning Services has a very artistic website highlighted by unnatural and curvy shapes, gradient-colored heading fonts, wavy background transitions, and gradient-colored “blob” image containers.

Cleaning Websites Inspiration

9. Good & Clean

Why it works: The “How Can We Help” decision box below the hero area swiftly directs visitors to the information they need with only a few clicks. Aside from this, the homepage is neatly structured and features bits and pieces of information leading to the inner pages.
best cleaning companyhttps://gogoodandclean.com

10. Klean Sweep

Why it works: Klean-Sweep makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with them. The headers and footers include the location, phone number, and request a quotation button. All of the interior pages feature contact details as well.

11. More Hands Maid Service

Why it works: This website gives off a vibe of friendliness perhaps because of the illustrations, subtle animation, choice of fonts, rounded containers, and colors used. The exploded footer section offers quick access to all the pages and also displays locations and contact information.
top cleaning companieshttps://www.morehands.com

12. Better Life Maids

Why it works: Nothing beats employing photos of actual staff members wearing their uniforms and performing real tasks in the cleaning sector or most service-related businesses. Also, keep an eye on the colors used in the photographs; they’re also utilized throughout the website.

best house cleaning websites

13. The Maids

Why it works: This company spared nothing to come up with a quality hero video of their cleaning team in action. The hero section is further strengthened by overlaying the call to action buttons over the video.
top cleaning companyhttps://www.maids.com

14. Merry Maids

Why it works: The use of a handwritten type font for headers provides a beautiful contrast to the sharp edges of other design elements used. The hero video and colors chosen also add value to this website aesthetically.

15. My Clean

Why it works: The booking function in this website is featured above the fold and makes booking fast and simple. Scrolling further down, a strong focus on information is provided with hardly any distracting images.
cleaning services websitehttps://www.myclean.com

16. VentSmart

Why it works: This cleaning website is simple to navigate and has relevant information and links. Their value proposition is discussed in several parts of the site. Customer testimonies and instructional videos contribute even more value.

best cleaning company websites

17. TruBlue Total House Care

Why it works: Despite the fact that this website is quite long, it employs large fonts and graphics, making it a good candidate for a “Mobile First” design. On a mobile device, this website remains highly readable.
best cleaning serviceshttps://trubluehousecare.com

18. The Cleaning Authority

Why it works: Aside from being a very informative site, The Cleaning Authority has a before and after section with a slider that displays several photographs of their completed projects. The floating “Free Estimate” button on the right edge is very handy.

19. Handy

Why it works: Aside from cleaning services, this company offers a ton of home-related services. They overcame this challenge by providing an effective services page with a search function and a category list.
cleaning service websitehttps://www.handy.com

20. Rainbow Cleaning Service

Why it works: This website has a subtle background design and a beautiful secondary heading font. We can overlook the fact that the portion below the header seems out of place with the other sections because it includes award logos and a “How It Works” section.

cleaning websites

21. Synergy Maids

Why it works: Despite the fact that the homepage is a little long, the navigation and call-to-action buttons remain visible on the top section of the page. The lower-left corner also includes a chatbot function.
cleaning business websitehttps://www.synergymaids.com

22. B.H. Wit Commercial Cleaning

Why it works: The company logo, a statement of purpose, and a big contact button are the only items in the hero area of this website. This makes things a lot simple. Scrolling down displays pertinent information and more call to action buttons.

23. Lotus Cleaning Services

Why it works: The various dark and light sections may be observed on this site. This adds appeal and makes sense from a practical standpoint because it creates segments of information that are more interesting to read. Call-to-action buttons and links to inner pages may be found throughout the sections.
website for cleaning businesshttps://lotuscleaningservices.com

24. Always Clean

Why it works: The overall design and layout of this website are coherent, simple to read, and easy to understand. They also utilize a limited number of colors, with mostly dark and light blue.

best cleaning company

25. Charming Casa

Why it works: Charming Casa uses an attractive color palette, the yellow is highly visible over its complementary blue.
cleaning website designhttps://charmingcasa.com

26. Sweep Home

Why it works: The combination of bold and thin fonts in the hero section adds interest and therefore grabs attention to the call to action button. It might not be obvious but the whole website only uses one font family.

27. Orkopina Cleaning Services

Why it works: The website has a friendly feel thanks to the wave lines, rounded corners, and color combination. To further consistency, the website also uses round fonts.
cleaning company websitehttps://www.orkopina.com

28. Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Why it works: Blogging is not for everyone, but a regularly updated blog is generally found in search engines more quickly. Aside from a blog page, this site also includes a news section.

top cleaning companies

29. Soap + Water

Why it works: The homepage of this website is unique in that all sections are the same as the hero section. Each section highlights a different service and features a large fullwidth image coupled with a link to their respective individual pages.

30. Peachy Cleaning Service

Why it works: The hero section of this cleaning company’s website uses a unique and creative “Schedule an Appointment” form. Another call to action is visible towards the middle of the page. A secondary offer link can be found near the footer.

31. Alpine Maids

Why it works: Alpine Maids feature a white canvass from the header to the footer, now that is clean! This website also features large call-to-action buttons sprinkled throughout the whole page.

32. Cullens Cleaning

Why it works: This company offers a wealth of information on its website. They provide very specific service descriptions. They also offer comprehensive pricing on numerous services and add-ons. A dedicated FAQ page is also present which answers critical questions that customers most likely will ask.

Professional Cleaning Websites

33. Geaux Maids

Why it works: The Geaux Maids website has a non-grid design that is new and innovative. This website also uses serif heading types in combination with sans serif content fonts to create hierarchy and make reading more simple.

34. Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

Why it works: The large heading typefaces give emphasis to each section of this website. Consistent branding is very obvious with the combination of the crew’s uniforms, the color of section breaks, fonts, and the images used.

35. LA House Cleaning

Why it works: The primary graphical highlights of this website are the subtle animations and uniform illustrations that decorate the homepage. Several sections of the homepage and inner pages feature location names for SEO purposes.

36. Royalty Cleaning Services

Why it works: The client logos of Royalty Cleaning Services are displayed below the hero image. This assists Royalty Cleaning Services in distinguishing itself from its competitors. It also lends credibility to the company.

top cleaning company

37. Affordable Cleaning Service

Why it works: The primary homepage screen with the full-screen picture draws the site viewer’s attention to the heading text. The dynamic subheading changes to show their services. Scrolling down the services and pricing are available.

38. Lazy Susans Cleaning Service

Why it works: The 10% discount animation and the chatbot on the home screen provide a dynamic impact that guides the site viewer’s eyes. The site contains unique icons and background designs relevant to its services.

39. Glow-Up Clean

Why it works: Aside from the CTA button on the hero section, this website also features a quote form with high contrasting colors. The succeeding section in the page uses creative elements such as icons, dividers, shapes, and animation among others.
best cleaning websiteshttps://glowupclean.com

40. Chief Cleaning Services

Why it works: Clean, uncomplicated, and to the point. Their primary focus is on their services, contact information, and recommended products. An online booking system with a calendar feature is included in their website.


Designing your cleaning company’s website is an opportunity to make your brand stand out. Cleaners are often competing for the same customers, so it’s important that you use every advantage available in order to get ahead of the competition. The 40 best cleaning websites we’ve collected should provide some inspiration as you create your own site, or update what you have now. If you need any help designing yours, contact us today! Our team has experience with many different industries and can design a clean looking site that will fit perfectly into your marketing strategy.

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