36 Best Criminal Defense Websites

These criminal defense websites have acquitted themselves as being some of the best on the web. See for yourself and you’ll find websites not guilty of bad web design.

1. Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP

Why it works: Use of high quality photos, effective use of negative space, high contrast text sections with large fonts – easy to read, well defined homepage sections, minimal use of colors.


2. O’Meara Law

Why it works: Professional colors and layout, informative content with steps and fact tidbits strategically placed around the homepage sections, video integration, clear and visible CTA buttons, use of curated actual images of the lawyer in practice.


3. Womack & Associates P.C.

Why it works: Nicely made hero section with impactful statement of purpose, homepage section containers are very readable with the continuous dark image background, use of social proof in the form of testimonials and media appearances, subtle transition animations.


4. Knutson Casey

Why it works: Use of large and bold heading fonts, beautiful combination of black and yellow all throughout the pages, use of angular shapes and edges on the different sections which is uncommon in most criminal defense websites, use of custom icons, chatbot integration.


5. Affleck & Barrison LLP

Why it works: Simple and professional, direct to the point, clean and readable content, alternating dark and light sections, sharp lines and corners, geometrically balanced sections, structured alignment of content and subsections.


6. Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co., LPA

Why it works: Attorney profiles creatively highlighted in the hero section, practice area links are simple and easy to scan or browse, large and prominently positioned introduction video, long but informative inner pages, highly detailed attorney information available in the inner pages.


7. Galbally & O’Bryan

Why it works: Simple and clean layout, uniquely positioned navigation bar on the homepage, use of a sticky navigation and parallax scroll, minimal use of colors – primarily gold for all clickable elements, use of an online video consultation via the contact page.


8. Bhatt Law Group

Why it works: Very informative content, use of award logos to show capability, alternating dark and light sections break up content into readable bits, dynamic background image change on mouse-over, use of warm color tones overall, highly visible contact information on the header and footer, simple contact form in footer.


9. Trey Porter Law

Why it works: Highly informative homepage, award logos and performance metrics/stats displayed above the fold, Free consultation CTA with phone number always visible, use of actual Google reviews, contact form just below the hero section and another contact form for free consultation near the footer.


10. Morris Law Firm

Why it works: Large heading fonts, effective use of negative space, use of an accessibility widget, staggered image and text containers, use of association membership logos, high contrast and alternating dark and light sections.


11. Beckham Solis Attorneys at Law

Why it works: Strong focus on lawyer experience and capability, use of quality photos, alternating dark and light sections, use of both serif and sans serif fonts, in-depth and detailed inner pages, prominently displayed contact information and a contact form on the homepage.


12. Protass Law

Why it works: Dark and professional feel, alternating dark and light homepage sections, clear statement of purpose, highly visible call to actions, use of social proof and testimonies.


13. Rolston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Why it works: Minimalist design in terms of colors and fonts, use of professionally photographed images, hero image of the actual lawyers, image colors toned down to almost black and white which adds to a professional and serious feel, regularly updated content despite the site being made in 2015.


14. Mayes Telles Attorneys

Why it works: Large and bold headings, nicely made composite image of the attorneys on the hero image, dark website background adds emphasis on the large white fonts used, subtle transition animations as you scroll down, beautiful treatment of photos all throughout.


15. Oykhman Criminal Defence

Why it works: Professional and serious look, clean fonts, use of social proof – Google reviews, use of award logos, use of professionally made introduction video, practice areas visible on homepage, contact information visible in every page, consistent use of colors all throughout.


16. The Gillespie Law Firm

Why it works: Effective use of negative space and high contrast between background colors and text, top notch photography, impeccable content alignment, clean and sharp lines and corners, elegant contact form near the footer.


17. Horea Crisan

Why it works: Creative and unique classy design, effective use of negative space, creative use of font combinations from serif, large content fonts for easy readability, use of complimentary and high contrast colors.


18. Law Offices of Gilbert C. Parris

Why it works: Clear and concise statement of purpose, subtle hero video background, use of social proof through testimonials and media appearances and track record statistics, alternating dark and light sections with icons and location appropriate images.


19. Varghese Summersett

Why it works: Hero video background of the actual office and lawyers of the firm, unique and functional lawyer profiles section in the homepage, use of professional photography and quality images, custom icons, use of subtle textures and patterns behind content sections.


20. Davis Law Group

Why it works: Full width hero image of actual lawyer at work, effective use of colors to portray trustworthiness, award logos highlighted, informative and engaging content sections, call to action and input forms intelligently positioned all over the homepage, use of chatbot function with image thumbnail of the lawyer himself.


21. Maveric Ray & Associates

Why it works: The use of grungy textures and section edges adds a unique flair which is uncommon in most lawyer websites, the bright yellow color used comes alive combined with the otherwise dark website.


22. ZMO Law PLLC

Why it works: Clean and well-structured homepage, hero image of the actual law team, use of very light images behind several sections with parallax effects, beautifully crafted inner pages,


23. Thiessen Law Firm

Why it works: Large heading fonts, magazine-like layout, effective use of negative space, very informative content, well curated photographs in all pages, large collection of blog posts and videos.


24. Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman

Why it works: Contact form above the fold, use of action photos as opposed to posed portraits typical with law websites, minimal use of color, clean and sharp content fonts, solid focus on experience and capability.


25. Tacopina Seigel Trial Lawyers

Why it works: High contrast and large heading fonts, use of press and media quotes as main heading, large spacing between elements which adds to readability, strong focus on credibility and experience, nicely crafted inner pages.


26. Bachner & Weiner P.C.

Why it works: Large and bold headings, captivating hero image, large contact number up top, links to practice areas, updated content, contact forms and office location maps on the homepage.


27. Bullard Brown Beal

Why it works: Subtle animation on the customized hero image, individual and scrollable lawyer profiles on the homepage, office locations and contact information visible in every page.


28. Paul Gipson

Why it works: Beautiful image backgrounds, large and imposing font styles used, homepage was creatively designed compared to typical lawyer websites, minimal use of colors.


29. Barket Epstein

Why it works: Creative use of law firm name abbreviation and photographs, subtle transition animations, good contrast and readability, consistent use of company colors, updated and well organized content despite the overwhelming number of pages and information.


30. The Rodriguez Law Group

Why it works: Professional and informative, full of social proof about their capability and experience, large heading fonts, updated content, use of a sticky nav, language options.


31. Robert Cochran Law

Why it works: Sharp images used in hero image slider, simple and professional, contact information visible in the header and footer, use of membership and awards/ratings logos.


32. Tritico Rainey PLLC

Why it works: Good font choice and pairing, effective use of one color with different hues, use of subtle design elements such as lines and the logo mark in different locations in the homepage, beautiful spacing between elements and sections, large and readable paragraph fonts.


33. Harris St. Laurent & Wechsler LLP

Why it works: Overall minimalist design and content, each section in the homepage is dedicated to a single focus or idea which when clicked brings you to a page, simplistic inner pages with no distracting design elements.


34. Kuchinski Law Group

Why it works: Beautifully aligned sections, clean and formal fonts and icons, use of subtle parallax scroll animation, colors used are very professional – the gold colored buttons and accents work nicely over white and black backgrounds.


35. Montoya Coleman LLC

Why it works: Subtle animation on hero image, hero image changes when you next visit the site, elegant colors and fonts, effective use of negative space, use of sticky navigation, use of sharp and quality photos, beautiful alternating home page sections.


36. Warren Healy

Why it works: Simple and elegant, spacious and clean homepage sections, formal and professional fonts used, contact information with location map and contact form visible in every page, use of client testimonies and performance statistics.