The 40 Best Family Law Websites

If you’re seeking great examples of Family Law Websites, we’ve got your back. We’ve searched far and wide to find, the best examples of family law web design out there and are sharing with you the 40 best examples.

1. Charles Willmott

Why it works: Clean refreshing design with a soft blue feel for an extra layer of calmness. Clear phone number up top. Proof of success through badges and testimonials

2. Vogel Verjee

Why it works: A very bold design with strong imagery and big bold texts. The no-scroll layout is a pretty strong statement of their authority in the industry.

3. Stanchieri Family Law

Why it works: High-contrast design generates more interest on this site. Minimal content and very well-executed layout.

4. Arami Law

Why it works: Short and concise website length but very well-thought in terms to organizing content and graphics. Clear catchy phone number up top. Easy access to contact form within the page without the need to scroll too far.

5. Denver Family Lawyers

Why it works: Outstanding hero section that separates the firm’s website from the rest. A beautiful layout with just the right amount of graphics and animations make the website truly exceptional.

6. Melanie J Bowbell

Why it works: A good take on a modern website for a family lawyer. Contact information easily identifiable. The contact form is comprehensive.

7. Bishop Law Offices

Why it works: High-quality images especially on the hero section create a very remarkable impression for visitors. Particularly love the testimonials section which looked modern and sleek.

8. Cynthia Tracy

Why it works: Cool classic style with interesting graphics and clear buttons. The addition of that ‘old paper’ texture on several parts of the site adds a memorable effect for visitors to remember.

9. Heather Robertson Law

Why it works: A breath of fresh air when put in contrast to standard or common law firm website designs. The overall feel of the design is very refreshing, welcoming, and friendly while keeping that authoritative figure.

10. The Mandel Law Firm

Why it works: The rolling news update is an interesting way to put updates on a website. Live chat feature. Well-explained practice areas section. Video testimonials is a huge plus!

11. Modern Law

Why it works: The design above-the-fold is very strong and very pronounced. Particularly love the ‘what can we help’ at the bottom of the fold. Footer also gets the most helpful information ready.

12. Kraayeveld

Why it works: Crisp images, clear texts, intuitive layout—these are just some of the things we particularly love about this website design.

13. Myres & Associates

Why it works: Very prominent green header with the burgundy button that stands out. Very generous content without feeling too pushy.

14. Rossway Swan

Why it works: Minimal but effective. The graphics are also tuned down to a minimum without losing the message. The practice areas page is very organized and comprehensive.

15. Ylaw Group

Why it works: Talk about out-of-the-box design with extraordinary choices on images and taglines. Website is compact without losing quality.

16. Vaught Law Firm

Why it works: One of the most elegant law firm websites, with good emphasis on typography and clean design. High quality professional photos.

17. Thiessen Law Firm

Why it works: Though the website felt more like they’re selling stuff, we love the instant introduction of authority of the firm just at first glance. The choice of font faces are also impressive for this website design.

18. Dean & Fulkerson

Why it works: Website is very easy to navigate. Great quality images used especially on the home page. Direct showcase of awards above the fold.

19. The Family Law Firm

Why it works: Very strong branding. The hero image is very enticing and very appropriate. Buttons and CTAs are well-distributed evenly across the page.

20. The Lincoln Law Firm

Why it works: Great catchy taglines with just the right images that make the site look interesting without going too far or off. The contact form area is very clear and easy to use.

21. Riddle & Hanna

Why it works: Unsophisticated but beautifully simple and effective, this website design is a good landmark because of its being minimal while remaining very appealing.

22. FMBK

Why it works: Attractive header with a good emphasis on their branding. The parallax scrolling layout is unique and effective. A good twist of black and white images and colored profile images.

23. Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group

Why it works: One can quickly gauge the firm’s authority just by looking above the fold. Love the graphics, typography, and iconography. Moreover, the choice of a faint blue color against a bright yellow accent is a smart move.

24. Eiges & Orgel Law Offices

Why it works: Exceptional graphics and typography with a very cohesive branding and layout. The contact form below the page is a standout for its quality aesthetics.

25. Regev Law

Why it works: A very great take on a classical design but with a modern feel and lasting impact. Top-notch images and elegant typography make the website stand out.

26. McClure Law Group

Why it works: A gorgeous web design that uses a familiar magazine-style layout. Bright colors, the red accents, and the subtle animations make this website worthy of celebration.

27. LA Family Law

Why it works: Quick contact form above the fold, not overloaded with content, services are clearly organized into separated content.

28. The Harris Law Firm

Why it works: A very fresh take of a modern law firm website with real custom graphics, catchy images, and a robust layout, creating a very pleasing user experience

29. Levine Family Law Group

Why it works: Simplicity at its best, the design of the website felt like it’s targeting females more than the counterpart, but the mood of the design speaks about calmness and peace.

30. Cedeno Law Group

Why it works: Clear buttons and CTAs, option to translate to spanish, standard design but with a strong memorable impact

31. Morris-Sockle

Why it works: Bright modern colors that practically bring the whole website to life. Contrasting buttons are intuitive and easy to locate. Big bold phone number on sticky header with a ‘divorce guide’ that pulls viewers’ attention.

32. Randal Lowry

Why it works: Emphasizing the word ‘tough’, this website design brings a brand new experience to the usual law firm web design taste. Graphics and colors complement real well with each other.

33. Hendershot Cowart P.C.

Why it works: Catchy video background for hero section, cool hover effect on buttons, subtle animations on scroll bring sections to life

34. Maclean Law

Why it works: One of the most modern website designs in the list, Maclean’s web design is a harmonious mix of simplicity, elegance, authority, and branding.

35. Bouhan Falligant

Why it works: Cool graphics and appropriate animations. Colors do have great contrast. Texts are easy to read. Layout is out of the conventional.

36. Chorowski Clary

Why it works: Tidy, minimal, and bright—three words that best describe this very elegant website. If you’re looking for a simple website for your firm, this is a very good way to start.

37. Hance Law Group

Why it works: Very gorgeous hero section especially the background video in grid layout. Cool hover effect. Overall a very organized layout

38. Romanovska Law

Why it works: The colors of the website felt calm and airy without looking boring. Good showcase of awards and associations.

39. Laura Dale & Associates

Why it works: Colorful images, very contrasting color choices. The gold colors add authority and presense to the brand. Overall the website felt alive and warm.

40. Jones Divorce & Family Law

Why it works: Bright and clean design without feeling overwhelming. Creates a feeling of trust and hope. Simple but efficient layout.