Hospitality Website Design
40 Stunning Examples

Looking for inspiring examples of hospitality website design? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s most breathtaking and extraordinary hospitality websites on the web.

1. Oars

Why it works: Easy to say everything is beautiful here: the graphics, the texts, the layout, the photos, and of course, the adventure!

hospitality website design

2. Four Seasons

Why it works: Terrific photos especiallyin slideshow, elegant and minimal use of black and white theme, complete experience for travellers because of generous content

hospitality website design

3. Chataeu De Bardouly

Why it works: Unique use of grid on layout creates uniformity, consistency, and formality. An elegant showcase of what the estate offers

4. Vistablue Singer Island

Why it works: A tropical-themed web design with a blue twist, elegance goes along typography to animations

hospitality website design

5. The St. Regis San Francisco

Why it works: Well-invested in photography, love the helpful header on page and the pinned navigation on scroll, tells a lot of stories on site

6. The Beekman

Why it works: Creative intro, handwriting text animations, elegance at its finest

hospitality website design

7. The Diligence Company

Why it works: Shrouded in mystery, this website creates a story for travellers who love a one-of-a-kind journal in a modern form

8. Hotel Icon

Why it works: The website design highly matches the sophistication and elegance of the hotel, creative hover effects, subtle but engaging animations

9. Mile High

Why it works: Love the golf trail on the left side of page while scrolling, unique and distinct website layout

hospitality website design

10. Café Rio

Why it works: A delightful and youthful experience provided by the design, outstanding graphics and images used

11. Winegardner & Hammons

Why it works: Use of geometry on elements, interesting layout, good use of blue and gold color scheme

12. Credo

Why it works: Very clear CTA for ordering online, quick reservations too upfront, nice showcase of the restaurant’s interior

hospitality website design

13. Gramercy Park Hotel

Why it works: More than just a website, the design of the site creates a very immersive experience with lots of visuals and interactive elements

14. Ibis Bay Resort

Why it works: Hot sizzling summer tropical design with vibrand vivid images. The virtual tour is a killer feature!

15. Waldorf Astoria

Why it works: Particularly love the montage-style grid on the body to help visitors quickly navigate to what they might be after

16. Crystal Group Plaza

Why it works: Gorgeous dark-themed website with subtle animations and elegant transitions

hospitality website design

17. New Heights

Why it works: Very unconventional but unforgettable experience. Especially love the tour page with interactive elements

18. The Vines

Why it works: Top-notch photography that speaks stories, easy to use website

19. Kasa Indian Eatery

Why it works: Attractive color schemes, catchy and colorful imagery, variations in typefaces create interest, big ‘order now’ section

20. Chez Boulay

Why it works: Eye-catching typography with strong contrast to elements, animated ‘apply’ widget, engaging parallax effects

hospitality website design

21. Hideout Lodge

Why it works: rare gold and purple color scheme, line art graphics, grid-style layout for easy navigation

22. Humboldt

Why it works: Compact and simple, one who loves to travel (and hike) would surely love the thrill promised by the website

23. Arts District Kitchen

Why it works: cool minimal intro on page load, subtle animations on elements on scroll, one-column menu section for easy reading

24. Gourmet House Caviar

Why it works: A moody web design with a compact layout, intuitive navigation, background music creates a strong ambiance

25. The Lodge at Woodloch

Why it works: Super simple yet very cozy website experience with simple graphics that complement the overall design feel

26. The Peninsula Hotels

Why it works: A beatifully organized website with lots of whitespace and generous amount of information sprinkled all over

27. La Réserve

Why it works: Minimalistic clean website layout and design, great booking widget at the side

28. The White Horse Tavern

Why it works: Easy to use website, easy to navigate, easy to read texts, and of course easy reservations widget at the right

29. Forte Village Resort

Why it works: Extraordinary layout with pops of elements on every scroll, creating a very enjoyable, unique experience

30. Ditto DC

Why it works: Super clean and clear design with great typography. Minimalism without lacking anything

31. Mountain Bike Atlantic

Why it works: Custom graphics and organic shapes for extra personality, bright colors, good contrast between elements

32. The Jefferson

Why it works: Clean white design, instant access to reservations tool above the fold, lots of interactive elements on site

hospitality website design

33. The Ashford Estate

Why it works: Generously spread white space despite the long website length, well-described amenities create a feel of their dominion in what they do

34. Little Palm Island

Why it works: Simple but very effective, bright, airy, refreshing, you can feel the beach experience on the site design

35. The Umstead Hotel & Spa

Why it works: A classic/modern layout but with a perfect execution. Clean graphics, pixel perfect alignment, and splashes of colors everywhere

hospitality website design

36. Gale Hotel

Why it works: Interesting slideshow on the hero section, gorgeous scroll effects on elements, non-traditional layout

37. Blackberry Farm

Why it works: A good example of a short-and-sweet website design. The video alone tells a lot of what a marvelous experience it’ll be in the farm

hospitality website design

38. Frog’s Leap

Why it works: No-scroll website with layout focused on good use of typography. Great story-telling pages and graphics

hospitality website design

39. Chalet View Lodge

Why it works: Beautiful photography, good use of parallax effect, soft fade transitions generates a specific mood and feel

40. Babington House

Why it works: Very simplified design stripping away unnecessary ornaments and flourishes, ending up in a very marvelous clean layout

hospitality website design

Conclusion – Hospitality Web Design

There you have it! Some of the most amazing hospitality websites out there. If you need help with your hospitality website project please consider us for your project. We offer a Free custom mockup of your new site before your sign or pay for anything. Click here to learn more.