Moving Company Website
Design Inspiration and Best Practices

In moving company website design, it’s important to have a strong sense of what your potential customers are looking for. This blog post will give you the inspiration and best practices needed to create an effective moving company website design. We’ll walk through some moving company websites as examples on how they use color, typography, and images to convey moving services in different ways. This can serve as a starting point for any business looking to improve their online presence!

Moving Company Website Design Inspiration

1. CareMore Moving and Storage

Design Highlights: CareMore Moving and Storage shows strong branding, professional and clean moving website with genuine customer feedback from Yelp. The contact phone number is always visible and the free instant quote offer is bold and upfront.

best moving company websites

2. San Francisco Moving

Design Highlights: San Francisco Moving has a bold value proposition at the hero section. A form and an eye-catching CTA button are located above the fold. Bold colors and imagery are used throughout the site.

moving company website design

3. Corrib Moving and Storage

Design Highlights: Corrib Moving and Storage conveys a warm atmosphere with bright colors and playful graphics. Their telephone number and free estimate CTA is always visible at the header which persuades visitors to make contact.

moving company websites

moving company website design inspiration

4. Bekins

Design Highlights: They used an impressive video featuring Bekins’ moving crew in proper uniform as the hero. On top of every page, the contact number and Find a Local Agent feature is always visible. Their content on moving guides and information are fairly organized.

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5. Pure Moving

Design Highlights: By utilizing photographs with their actual crew in uniforms and custom-produced films, Pure Moving improved their website by making it more personal. While the client logos and testimonials lend credibility to the site.

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6. Graebel

Design Highlights: The website of Graebel used high-resolution photographs with bright and cheerful colors to set it apart from competitors. The site also includes video testimonials from actual customers and unique inner pages.

Moving Company Website

7. Flat Rate Movers

Design Highlights: The branding of Flat Rate Movers was established through the images on this mover’s website. The quotation form and phone number are easily accessible above the fold. The homepage also includes social proof in the form of news and social initiatives.

Website Design for Moving Companies

top moving company website design

8. Imperial Movers

Design Highlights: The site is well-designed, with a clean overall appearance. With on-scroll animations and mouse over effects, Imperial Movers used a nice color palette and fantastic visuals to create an attractive design.

Top Moving Company Website Designs

9. Esquire Moving Boston – New York

Design Highlights: The website is simple but incorporates a variety of on-brand images that gives a professional appeal. There’s a nice gallery of previous work and a dedicated page for achievements and awards that proves their expertise.

moving website design

10. Pronto Moving and Delivery

Design Highlights: A professional and clean-looking website with adequate white space and content to provide information about their services. To enhance the banding, they use a consistent color palette.

Effective Features and Design Functions in a Moving Company Website

1. Focus on Conversion – Ability to Get Leads and Close Sales

The most important function or purpose of a moving company website is its ability to get leads and close sales. Best way to get leads is to use quotation forms. Forms should be present on all pages. A CTA (call to action) button that leads to a more robust form is also effective.

2. Mobile Responsive Design

More than fifty percent (>50%) of internet viewers are using mobile devices because of convenience and portability. A mobile responsive website adapts to any screensize to properly display the contents of your website. There are several online tools you can use to check this.

3. Search Engine Optimized

The most beautiful website becomes useless if it cannot be found by prospective customers. A well designed and developed website with SEO (search engine optimization) will help moving company websites appear on the top sections / pages of a search results.

4. Engaging Content

Well crafted moving company websites entices engagement to convert visitors into customers. This is achieved by using engaging user experience and properly placing call to action buttons, links, and contact numbers.

5. Social Proof – Testimonials, Association Membership and Awards

Most prospective customers of moving companies rely on word of mouth and recommendations from others. The moving industry relies on quality service and trustworthiness. This can be achieved by displaying social proof in a moving company’s website.

moving company website design best practices

6. Free Estimate Offers / Quotes Using Virtual Tools

Advancements in technology have enabled video chat to be available to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. A moving company can provide a very close estimate for a moving job by using a convenient video survey.

7. Visible Contact Information / Chat Function

It is a good practice for service oriented businesses to always have contact numbers visible on screen. Typically placed at the top right and at the page footer or somewhere near a contact form. A chat bot can also be utilized as a means to have a direct engagement with prospective clients.

8. Use of High Quality and Actual Photos and Videos of Crew

High-quality videos and images of the actual moving team, their fleet, and equipment convey a sense of trustworthiness to prospective clients. It also enhances a website by giving it that personalized touch which is missing from moving company websites that use stock photos.

Benefits of Having an Effective Moving Company Website

1. Increased Sales – Maximized ROI

A moving company website provides more bang for your buck. You just need to set it up right once and with little maintenance, your website promotes your services to thousands of prospective clients. A website is always accessible as compared to print media, radio and tv ads, and is greatly cheaper in the long run.

2. Adds Credibility and a Good First Impression

A professionally built website adds credibility to a moving company. By displaying information about your company publicly coupled with social proof means you are a legit company. This can be further reinforced by using actual photos and videos, by displaying awards and membership to accredited and trusted organizations such as BBB, Yelp, AngiesList, and more.

3. A Website as a Means to Educate Customers

Easily updateable website content like videos, blog articles, FAQ pages, services pages provide information that helps in educating customers about the moving industry and your business specifically. Customers will learn about the intricacies in the moving industry and through this, you can set your company apart by providing unique and specialized content.

4. Expands Your Company’s Visibility

A website is viewable twenty-four hours a day seven days a week (24/7). Prospective customers can learn about your services and your company at any time and from anywhere. Websites also help in communication i.e. you can send emails and newsletters to clients/subscribers about changes in your company, new services, and other important updates.

5. A Means to Showcase Your Capability

A professionally built moving company website can enable you to highlight your services and show what makes you better than competitors. This can be achieved by utilizing high-quality images and videos, curated and up to date content, and other means.

best practices of moving company websites

6. Ability to Compete With Big Companies Using SEO

Having a prominent position in search results through SEO (search engine optimization) can enable small moving companies to compete with big companies in the industry. When backed by a professionally designed and developed website, your website can rank higher in search results. Thus giving you more chances of acquiring new customers.

7. Improve Customer Service and Save Time

Websites allow customers to communicate with you to learn more about services and offerings. Autoresponders, chatbots, and online forms can process customer requests. The availability of FAQ pages and organized content can assist customers in making the best-informed decision.

8. A Website Builds Your Business

Websites give you a platform to showcase your expertise and experience. It is also a way to share your story, your values and ideals. Websites are used not only to get clients but also to find people to help you run your business.


Having a website and being online is a matter of survival. It is clear that having a website in this day and age has become a requirement and could mean having a profitable business or not.

We can say that everyone has a website these days but the question is are you making a profit from your website? What you need is an effective moving company website that can increase your sales, get more leads, add to your credibility, expand your company’s visibility, improve customer services, and build your business.

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