40 Best Construction Websites You Should Be Visiting Right Now

Construction websites are a huge part of a construction business. Other construction companies, builders, architects and design professionals all use the internet to find each other and communicate with one another. Construction websites have become an integral marketing strategy tool for construction companies that want to grow their business or show off their work. Web designers will often create unique designs for these construction companies in order to stand out from the competition while generating leads and showcasing their client’s projects in an appealing way. Here are 40 websites of construction companies you should be visiting right now!

1. Connect Homes

Why it works: Interactive and engaging web design with great intro animation. The high quality images used in this construction website look professional and visually appealing while the website’s use of different font weights are also well thought of.
websites for construction companies

2. Mike Schaap Builders

Why it works: The hero slider of this construction company is simple yet elegant and pleasing. Mike Schaap Builder’s website design may be simple, but the negative spaces have been well utilized and information is easy to digest.
Mike Schaap Builders web site

3. Luxury Simplified

Why it works: The hero section of the website displays an exciting video background, while the services section has unique and beautiful pictures. Important contact information of this construction company is clearly presented with easy navigation.
residential construction company websites

4. Ditto

A construction website design that is simple, modern and stylish. The usage of Ditto’s high quality photography throughout their website is both pleasing and engaging. The website’s straightforward structure and navigation make information easy to access, resulting in a pleasant experience for website visitors.
Ditto web site for inspiration

construction website design

5. Maman Corp.

Why it works: Visiting the Maman’s Corp construction website is a wonderful experience. Everything about this site is fascinating; the videos and scroll-triggered transitions are very engaging. The website design, typeface, and color scheme are all well thought out.
house construction websites

6. Hutchinson Builders

Why it works: A visually attractive construction website. The use of different sizes of high quality images and fonts as well as the use of their brand colors all throughout their website are all on point. Their firm’s contact information, services page, and projects page can all be found with ease.
Hutchinson Builders web site

7. Bill Huey + Associates

Why it works: The website design is well-structured, the colors are consistent, and the animations are subtle and inconspicuous. This commercial construction company also has fantastic visuals and high quality photography that are featured in well-thought-out branding.
great construction websites

8. Toll Brothers

Why it works: The Toll Brothers’ website is elegant and sophisticated. The quality of the background images used in this construction web site is superb. The filter on the hero image adds contrast which makes overlayed text readable. The map they use to display their locations is user friendly.
Toll Brothers website

best construction websites

9. Re-Bath®

Why it works: The home page of this construction company features images of people smiling and subtle backdrop art depicting trust and friendliness. Despite the fact that there is a lot of text on the home page, good whitespace usage and section breaks make it appear attractive. The call to action button leading to the contact page is always visible.
good construction websites

10. Segale Bros.

Why it works: This is an excellent construction website design example. The hue of the colors used are well-balanced and go nicely with the typefaces. On-scroll transitional effects add vitality to the home page. A sticky navigation bar with a comprehensive dropdown menu is also included on this site.
sample contractor website

11. GFI Partners

Why it works: This construction website’s full-screen hero background video offers a sneak peek of the firm’s skills and high quality work. The colors and locations of the clear call-to-action buttons and sections are what make them so striking and noticeable. Take note of how specific sections in the home page include links to all other pages on the site.
construction websites examples

12. Brymor Group

Why it works: This web design is a visual delight characterized by large fonts, images, and page sections. The beautiful spacing, quality images, and high contrast text sections make this construction industry website professional and clean. Plus points for the visually timed hero image slider.
Brymor Group site

construction website examples

13. ADC Engineering

Why it works: The animation on the hero section, when the home page opens, adds flair and brings focus to the company’s statement of purpose. The striking red color gives a feeling of excitement and vigor. The containers in amazing shapes and sections add interest.
construction contractor websites

14. Scape Construct

Why it works: This web design features brief, concise, and clean text sections. The page sections are well-thought-out as if one was reading a story. Other notable design features include solid alignment, sharp and stylish fonts, subtle hover effects, contact form over a dark parallax image.
Scape Construct's clean website

15. Cover

Why it works: This great website is informative and is well suited for the unique products offered by the construction company. This site also features professional photos of their actual products and features. The virtual tour function is a good way of further showcasing their product.
best residential construction websites

16. Schumacher Homes

Why it works: Despite the fact that it has a small homepage, this construction company website is stylish and to-the-point. The custom logo font adds a little bit of class. A very in-depth dropdown feature with pictures, descriptions, and links to internal pages is also included on the site.
Schumacher Homes' elegant website

construction websites design

17. Canyon Design Build

Why it works: Nothing makes a global construction company website more sincere and honest than using images of the company’s actual people and work. The alternating image and text sections and unorthodox alignment make this site unique. This style is also present on the projects page and service pages.
best construction web sites design

18. Level 10 Construction

Why it works: Featured in this construction company website are creative and unique page sections. The home page has large images, unusual text placements, overlapping sections, and mixed alignments. The hero section is dynamic with a blend of background video and zooming images.
Level 10 Construction web site

19. PCL Construction

Why it works: Because of the animations and additional graphical design features, many of the sections on the web design are extremely creative and attention-catching. The use of big heading fonts and clear background images helps to make this construction services site appear modern and current.
beautiful construction websites

20. Reborn Home Solutions

Why it works: Despite the site looking too busy, the creative and unique page sections and the subtle transition animations used make this a good construction website. Social proof is visible via customer testimonials and ratings from different rating platforms. The call to action is always visible.
website with great call to action

Beautiful Construction Websites

21. Farrell Building Company

Why it works: This great website is easy to navigate because of the well-thought-out links and page navigation options. The pages are uncluttered and elegant. The subtle movement and on-hover effects are not distracting. Whitespace is effectively utilized, which helps to keep the site tidy.
top construction websites

22. Weitz Commercial & Industrial General Contracting

Why it works: The colors on this website (black and yellow) are ideal for businesses in the construction industry. The break provided by the alternating dark and light sections within the page helps to organize well-written information. Overall, there is excellent spacing among the components.
Weitz Commercial & Industrial General Contracting website

23. Hensel Phelps

Why it works: Hensel Phelps focused on their individual project pages on their website. Previous projects are highlighted in their case studies and portfolio page. Design-wise, this construction website is full of high quality photos of their past projects, their crew, and their equipment.
residential construction websites

24. Mountain Loop Mine

Why it works: The Mountain Loop Mine’s website is well-structured and professional, fitting for a company in the construction industry. The full-screen hero section serves to display their people and their work. Minimal design graphics are used. The web designer focused on information and organized content.
professional website

best construction company websites

25. Gordon ‘N’ Gordon Interiors

Why it works: Overall, the website is spacious in appearance. The main homepage has a lot of open areas around the different page sections. Despite the vacant white space on a desktop computer, the site appears to be much cleaner when viewed on a mobile device.
websites for construction

26. Fletcher Construction

Why it works: The statement of purpose in the hero section is positioned conspicuously on the lower left side. This method is a great example on how to add focus to the hero image. Further down, the site has unique and creative sections. The fonts used tie well with the industrial nature of the company.
Fletcher Construction's unique banner

27. Snyder Construction Group

Why it works: The alternating dark and light sections within the home page create a break and makes well-organized content. The color palette is very appropriate for construction industry websites. The site has a large secondary call to action before the footer.
construction companies websites

28. Duquette Construction

Why it works: The layout of this web design is very different from other sites. The primary viewport remains static, while the content changes due to the transition effect. This page’s sections are creatively designed and implemented.
Duquette Construction unique website layout

top construction websites

29. Rodan Builders

Why it works: The Rodan Builders’ web design employs a variety of methods to emphasize the firm’s achievements, including portfolio area, statistics & metrics, client logos, job listings, social media feed integration, and more. All the services pages are extremely thorough and well structured.
construction builders websites

30. Gordon ‘N’ Gordon

Why it works: Each section of this construction website’s home page is well-identified and links to specific inner pages. The subtle on-hover effects are functional as they display additional information. The clear call-to-action and footer are both effective and useful.
Gordon ‘N’ Gordon website

31. Recycl8

Why it works: The statement of purpose is simple, clear, large, and. The subsequent parts are also easy to comprehend. The subtle transition animation adds life to the page. Amazing functionality on the “Our Process” section.
building construction websites


websites for construction

32. Final Touch Carpentry

Why it works: The use of custom handwritten typefaces with serif fonts gives the website design a sense of creativity and an approachable nature. The main and accent colors go well together. It is a wonderful idea to include photographs of actual crew members at work.
best construction company websites

33. GM Construction

Why it works: The GM Construction web design is attractive and cutting-edge. Elements are well nested in each part of the site making it easy to navigate. Balanced spacing, well-blended hues, appropriate website design elements, lovely picture placement, and subtle hover effects are among the other noteworthy features.
GM Construction website for inspiration

34. HOUS Luxury Homes

Why it works: This Netherlands-based company has a very minimalist web design. The whole home page is clean and unblemished. Unlike many construction websites in the US, most European websites share this trait. The negative space around content sections makes browsing this site a refreshing experience.
construction company websites

35. W.S. Cumby Construction

Why it works: The elements in this construction business website is placed in such a way that it creates a unique and somewhat original identity. Even the images used do not follow a strict and fixed dimension. The logo graphic is re-used in different sections using different styles that reinforces branding.
W.S. Cumby Construction website

36. Vougan

Why it works: The site has large images accentuated with transition animations and large heading fonts. The primary color is very striking but for some reason, the white text over it looks very appealing. All the pages are similarly beautiful and a please to browse through.
construction websites design

Best Websites for Construction

37. MARTIFER Group

Why it works: The Martifer Group’s site is a great example of exactly what a modern construction website looks like. The site uses extra-large typography as a web design element between some sections. Some sections have unstructured and creative containers, overlapping text and images.
Martifer Group's modern website

38. EHA Group

Why it works: The home page of this construction firm is divided into sections that may be viewed on one screen at a time. This minimizes too many elements and makes it easy to navigate. The big, bold typefaces provide emphasis as well. The consistent color usage and eye-catching designs ensures visual appeal.
construction website examples

39. Belmark Nightingale

Why it works: The Belmark Nightingale website is stylish and up-to-date. The photographs on the site are exceptional. The web designer did a great job with the alignment and positioning of heading and content text.
Belmark Nightingale's stylish web design

40. Blach Construction

Why it works: The website’s straightforward structure makes this commercial construction website easy to navigate, resulting in a pleasant experience for visitors. The on-scroll animation effects add life to the website and help to add focus to content.
best construction web site


If you’re a business owner in the construction industry, then your website is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. It’s also challenging to find websites that are well-designed and correctly represent a company’s brand. We’ve compiled this list for you from countless websites around the web which we hope will inspire you!

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