40 Best Home Builder
Website Designs

As the home building and construction industry continues to grow in the business world, so does the competition for potential customers. To stand out from the rest, it’s important to have a well-designed home builder website that showcases your home builder business’ strengths.

Fortunately, our team has done the legwork for you and compiled a list of 40 of the best home builder websites currently on the web. From small, local businesses to major home builders, these websites have one thing in common: they are all visually appealing and easy to navigate.

So whether you’re in the home buying process for a new home or just looking for some home design inspiration or in the home building process, be sure to check out these 40 home builder websites.

1. Atmos

Why it works: A very stunning piece of art is the website of Atmos Builders. We love the immediate image on the homepage which showcases a guaranteed experience for future homeowners. The use of rounded corners also makes the site feel friendly and cozy.Website Designhttps://www.buildatmos.com

2. Maronda Homes

Why it works: Upon landing, prospective clients are greeted with a list of states they desire to build a home. Hovering over each state reveals videos of the place currently highlighted. The overall experience is rich, out-of-the-box, and easy.

Website Designhttps://www.marondahomes.com

3. Lennar

Why it works: Modern, minimal, yet very satisfying, this home building company website of Lennar has every corner of the design trimmed to the finest value. From the type to the layout, this site is unique, soothing, and convincing.
Website Designhttps://www.lennar.com

4. Stokkers & Company

Why it works: This company website’s use of a grid to exhibit its project design company portfolio stands out in particular. Their website’s unique design makes it clear that the outcomes and services they want to produce are amazing.

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Home Builder Websites

5. Proto Homes

Why it works: Great examples of a mouth-watering website design that is true to the services they provide: modern technology. Powerful animations and graphics drive the entire site to be one of our top listers.

Best Websiteshttps://www.protohomes.com


Why it works: This website features a high-quality video on the home page while making the text still stand out. Each section of the web page has a layout of its own, making the website feel packed with energy and enthusiasm.

Best builder Websiteshttps://www.nahb.org

7. Ryan Homes

Why it works: A huge search area immediately welcomes current clients into a move-in they’re interested in. The stunning pictures are also striking without overpowering the content. We like the custom contact widget present on the site for easy communication with the company.

Best Websiteshttps://www.ryanhomes.com

8. KB Home

Why it works: While short and simple, this website design is not short of aesthetics and a remarkable experience. We love the splash of graphics here and there, which makes the web pages feel dynamic and energizing.
Best Websiteshttps://www.kbhome.com

Home Builder Website Design

9. DC Builders

Why it works: Despite being graphic-heavy, this website design is rich with thoughtfulness and class. We particularly love the choice of typefaces used as this brings another level of sophistication to the site.
Website Exampleshttps://www.dcbuilding.com

10. Sierra Classic Custom Homes

Why it works: The team of designers who made this website showed tips and great examples of beautiful typography, bright airy images, and luxurious red touch to make it a pleasure to land on.
Website Exampleshttps://sierraclassic.com

11. Rodan Builders

Why it works: Rodan Builders, a California home builders website is a blast to use for a client. We adore how the powerful visuals flow from one part to the next. The footer of this construction website is also rich in content and ease of use.
Website Examplehttps://rodanbuilders.com

12. Aspen Homes

Why it works: Two things truly stand out in this construction website design: typography and animations. Overall, the design details an ultra-sleek feel that makes clients feel they’re in the right place.
 Website Exampleshttps://www.aspenhomes.com

Home Builder Web Design

13. Toll Brothers

Why it works: The website is jam-packed with a portfolio of gorgeous images of the amazing work they perform. The minimalism and sleek appearance suggest that their brand and building methods are of the same amazing quality.
Websites Designhttps://www.tollbrothers.com

14. Sweenor Builders

Why it works: Sweenor Builders, a pioneer in the field of construction work, has a website with authority evident in its design. Silky smooth functions can be found on the website. Every section is also a delight to read by any client.
Websites Designhttps://sweenorbuilders.com

15. Tri Pointe Homes

Why it works: The use of irregular shapes in the design is challenging in all sorts of ways. Yet Tri Pointe Homes’s website used geometric shapes in a very smart fashion. We also adore the white space in every scroll, making the experience one of a kind.
Websites Designhttps://www.tripointehomes.com

16. Ivory Homes

Why it works: With a wealth of helpful information on relevant industry topics, and with big bold buttons that truly stand out, Ivory Homes’s website is a remarkable example for every home builder brand in the market.
Websites Designhttps://ivoryhomes.com

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17. Shea Homes

Why it works: The business website for Shea Homes makes it simple for users to search, explore, and contact the architecture firm. Clients will like browsing because of the user-friendly and individualized feeling that the photographs provide.
Beautiful Websiteshttps://www.sheahomes.com

18. Apex Transformations

Why it works: The company’s designers’ love and passion for art are quickly evident in this ultra-modern design. The typography is also stunning in every aspect, making this website a worthy member of our best home builders’ list.
Beautiful Websitehttps://www.apextransformations.ca

19. MBI Builders

Why it works: The landing page experience is unique, and it’s something other websites don’t always have. The website’s style is also very snappy, straightforward, and timeless.
Beautiful Websiteshttps://mbibuilders.com

20. Liberty Homes

Why it works: The website for Liberty Homes includes a gorgeous slider that is helpful in highlighting the different kinds of homes they provide in the industry, all in high-quality images. The top menu is also highly intuitive, readable, and compact.
Beautiful Websitehttps://www.libertyhomes.com

Best Home Builder Websites

21. Parostec

Why it works: Home buyers would love the unique, an out-of-the-box design that breaks the trend of traditional home builders’ websites and is very helpful in setting a new standard. This is indeed consistent with their mission of building projects of outstanding architectural value.
Best Homebuilder Company Websiteshttps://www.parostec.gr

22. Harvest Homes

Why it works: While the logo may not be our favorite, we love how exquisite the site looks at first load. The font size is also suitable for clients of all ages. Links are generously scattered throughout the site for more business engagement.
Best Homebuilder Company Websiteshttps://www.harvesthomes.com

23. Connect Homes

Why it works: This home builder site details a unique modern layout, Connect Home’s website’s page also has sleek animations and graphics that every other company in the industry would surely love to try emulating.
Best Homebuilder Company Websiteshttps://connect-homes.com

24. JDG Constructions

Why it works: Customers looking for construction services will like the sleek design of this site that features stark graphics, effective animations on every scroll, and well-thought content organization.
Best Homebuilder Company Websiteshttps://www.jdgconstructions.com.au

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25. Riverside Homebuilders

Why it works: With clear and distinct navigation, big, bold buttons, and subtle yet attractive animations, the style of this builder website is very rich in the experience without sacrificing functionality.
Top Homebuilder Websitehttps://www.riversidehomebuilders.com

26. Cannon Constructors

Why it works: Compact and minimal, this design feature top-notch images, fast page load times, and an intuitive layout everyone would love.
Top Homebuilder Websitehttps://cannongroup.com

27. Schumacher Homes

Why it works: There are many great things about this website’s design features. One is the video background in the hero section, which displays new homes and the ideal standard of living one might achieve by using their services. The mega menu, which is brilliant yet easy to use is another significant element.
Top Homebuilder Websitehttps://www.schumacherhomes.com

28. Recycl8

Why it works: Another original design that features sleek shapes, effective typography, and creative use of the green color. The ‘Our Process’ section is a hit one should not miss!
Top Homebuilder Websitehttps://www.r8iba.com

Top Homebuilder Website

29. Highland Custom Homes

Why it works: Highland Custom Homes has a home page that showcases beautiful properties in an equally beautiful video reel that looks like virtual tours of their houses. We also love the floating buttons that appear on every scroll.
Websites for Homebuilderhttps://www.highlandcustomhomes.com

30. Scott Salisbury Homes

Why it works: This website has a very unique take on navigation. Aside from that, the company’s dream of “distinctive artistry” is truly manifested in this website’s every scroll.
Websites for Homebuilderhttps://www.scottsalisburyhomes.com.au

31. Thomas James Homes

Why it works: The black color, when used creatively, is so potent in pushing results further. This is indeed evident in this site’s design. We also like the generous amount of white space from one place to another, creating a striking contrast that pleases the eye.
Websites for Homebuilderhttps://tjh.com

32. Meritage Homes

Why it works: One can easily tell that this website is built out of love. Overall, it just feels highly personal, friendly, effective, and functional. We also love how quickly one can use the navigation to jump from one state to another.
Websites for Homebuilderhttps://www.meritagehomes.com

House Builder Website

33. Jova Construction

Why it works: If branding is your thing, then you shouldn’t miss looking at Jova’s web design. The colors, fonts, and even images all harmoniously work together to create a very memorable and desirable experience.
Best Websites for Homebuilderhttps://jovaconstruction.com

34. Latala Homes

Why it works: Beautiful photography is always important, especially for the home building industry. Other than that, we’d like to emphasize how smart the design is in making every word 100% readable by clients of all ages.
Best Websites for Homebuilderhttps://www.latalahomes.com

35. The Whitehouse Group

Why it works: Big bold texts set this site design apart from our home builders’ list today. The navigation is also kept to a minimum for a maximum user-friendly experience.
Best Websites for Homebuilderhttps://the-whitehousegroup.com

36. Mike Schaap Builders

Why it works: Other than the usual aesthetic we expect, we particularly love the creative use of the center-alignment of content. This makes the site look original and impressive in its own right. Their website is also friendly on all mobile devices.
Best Websites for Homebuilderhttps://mikeschaapbuilders.com

Home Builders Website

37. Stylecraft

Why it works: We like how the menu button and the CTA in the hero area are given equal weight. The graphics are clear and highly pertinent. The business branding is effectively complemented by everything else.
Builder Websites for Inspirationhttps://www.stylecraft.com

38. Westpoint Development Group, Inc.

Why it works: Although the design may not be the most appealing for the team, we are including this website because of how well the layout is organized. Everything is simple, easy to read, and welcoming.
builder Websites for Inspirationhttps://www.westpointdevelopment.com

39. Snyder Construction Group

Why it works: Snyder Construction has a website that has everything masculine in it: images, typefaces, animations, and experience. This is very effective and helpful in showing authority and professionalism in their serious line of work.
builder Websites for Inspirationhttps://www.snydercg.com

40. Lexar Homes

Why it works: On the sliders alone, one can easily identify and distinguish the services they provide. The floating ‘contact us’ CTA button is cohesive in design, isn’t distracting and works very well in making the experience very personal.
builder Websites for Inspirationhttps://www.lexarhomes.com


There are many home builders websites but these are some of the top home builder websites we’ve seen so far. Designing a house builder website can be challenging because you need to show off the properties in the most favorable light and provide easy ways for users to get in touch with the company. But with a well-designed home building website, you can make a great first impression that will give clients and home buyers the confidence to work with you in building their dream home.

If you’re looking for help with your home builder design or you want design tips or design ideas for your business portfolio, contact the experts at Thomas Digital. Our web development team has years of experience designing and developing custom WordPress websites for homebuilders, home services companies, and other web design services. We’ll work with you to create a website that meets your needs and helps you in generating leads and closing more sales. Speaking of which we also have our SEO (search engine optimization) service that helps increase your visibility in search engines such as Google.

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