40 Best IT Company Websites

When it comes to IT company websites, there are a lot of great examples out there. But what makes a great IT website? Is it the design? The functionality? Or both?

In this roundup, we’ll showcase the best tech websites that strike the perfect balance between design and functionality. From clean and minimalistic designs to more colorful and creative ones, there’s something for everyone on this list. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your own IT website, you’re sure to find it here!

So without further ado, here are the 40 best IT company websites for inspiration:

1. FIT Solutions

Why it works: FIT Solutions’ website is a great example of a well-structured and easy-to-navigate website. It is simple to find what you are looking for, and the homepage provides prospective customers with immediate access to the most important information. The website is also a great example of how to put together complex data in an approachable format. The information is presented in a clear and concise way, and the website is easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

FIT Solutions website

2. Itrex Group

Why it works: The first thing you’ll notice about this website is the striking design. The use of quality photos and videos makes it visually appealing, while the layout is easy to follow. The site is also responsive, so it looks great on all mobile devices.
Best IT Company Websitesitrexgroup.com


Why it works: They have a clean, straightforward custom website that clearly explains what they do. The combination of their brand color and design makes it appealing, while the utilization of icons helps to speed up the scanning process.
Best IT Company Websiteshyas.com

4. Limelight

Why it works: This website has a unique design that uses color gradient to create a visually interesting layout. The use of color is well done, with lime green, a bright color standing out against the white background.
Best IT Company Websitesgolimelight.com

Best IT Company Websites

5. Align Cybersecurity

Why it works: The consistent use of blue and green throughout the website builds brand message and recognition. The use of icons and high-quality photos helps to break up the text and make it easier to view written content or information.
IT Company Websites for Inspirationaligncybersecurity.com

6. Conversant Technology

Why it works: The overall design of this tech website is simple but effective. Client testimonials are prominently displayed to show potential customers and qualified leads that they’re in good hands.
IT Company Websites for Inspiration


7. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Why it works: Their website is well-structured and clear in terms of information. They alternate interesting high-quality photography on their homepage to draw attention and keep it appealing. Simple visuals aid in the delivery of their service offers and visible call-to-action buttons provide actionable links for more information. This shows that the web page design was well planned out.
IT Company Websites for Inspirationhpe.com

8. PandaDoc

Why it works: The first thing you’ll see on their website is a video, which does a great job of explaining what they do to the target audience. The rest of the site is just as well done, with a great example of clear and concise information. The CTA buttons are also well placed and easy to spot.

IT Company Websites

9. Datatron

Why it works: One of the best tech websites in the tech world is Datatron. The tech website is very informative and professional. Tech enthusiasts would love the custom animations and cool button hover effects that add a “techy” feel to the site. The colors used are consistent and are based on the company logo.
Best Information Technology Websitesdatatron.com

10. We-Bridge Worlds

Why it works: The We-Bridge website is professional, consistent, and informative. The tech website content is well structured and sections are well-delineated. The footer is functional because of the built-in call-to-action tech section, sitemap, and contact details.
Best Information Technology Websiteswe-bridge.com

11. Kilpatrick IT Solutions

Why it works: The custom illustrations used in this website design pique visitors’ interest. The illustration’s subtle animations are eye-catching and help to guide the user’s attention.
Best Information Technology Websiteskilpatrickit.com

12. Claravine

Why it works: This website is attractive and offers a good user experience for visitors. The animated backgrounds, images, and hover effects add flair and life to this website. The sticky main navigation and full-blown footer help tech geeks and viewers to easily find information.
Best Information Technology Websitesclaravine.com

IT Company Web Design

13. Rapidops

Why it works: The home page hero showcases different messages to website visitors in a clear and concise way, allowing them to understand the company’s purpose and services within seconds. The CTA buttons are big and easy to spot, which is important when you’re trying to get visitors to take action.
Best IT Company Web Designrapidops.com

14. GitHub, Inc.

Why it works: This website’s extensive use of design elements such as striking colors, scrolling effects, and custom graphics make it eye-catching and easy to navigate, despite its length. This great website leaves a nice first impression.
Best IT Company Web Designgithub.com

15. Dropbox

Why it works: The use of illustrations in this website design is very original and helps to break up the text. The overall design is clean and provides a seamless user experience.
Best IT Company Web Designdropbox.com

16. Credera

Why it works: The Credera website design is a great example of a clean, easy to navigate, and informative site. The use of photos and videos helps break up the text and keeps site visitors engaged. The educational content is well-organized and easy to read.
Best IT Company Web Designcredera.com

Best IT Website

17. IBM

Why it works: This website is very informative and well organized. The use of color is also well done, with the blue standing out against the white background.
IT Company Website Designibm.com

18. Chimera Prime

Why it works: Chimera Prime’s great website effectively uses white space to create a pleasurable user experience. Although there is a lot of content on the page, it is easy to find what you’re looking for; and their “Hire Chimera” call-to-action button remains visible due to the sticky navigation no matter how far down you scroll.
IT Company Website Designchimeraprime.com

19. Altar.io

Why it Works: Effective use of design elements such as whitespace, clean and minimalist design, subtle hover animations, featured section displaying their awards, client logos, and unique footer.
IT Company Website Designaltar.io

20. Bridgeline Digital

Why it Works: The use of color on this website is very eye-catching and original compared to the other sites on the list. The layout is simple, easy to use, and follows the latest digital trends.
IT Company Website Designbridgeline.com

Website for IT Company

21. Insight

Why it works: This website is very informative and well organized. Navigation is intuitive when content is simple and CTAs are visibly apparent as you browse through this Information Technology website.
Best Websites for IT Companyinsight.com

22. VMware

Why it Works: This website is clean, professional, and easy to navigate. The use of the design elements such as color is subtle but effective. The overall design is modern and sophisticated.
Best Websites for IT Companyvmware.com

23. DocuSign

Why it Works: The use of color and white space in this website is very original and helps to break up the text. The addition of logos from big brands definitely builds trust and establishes authority which could generate leads.
Best Websites for IT Companydocusign.com

24. Workspace 365

Why it Works: This website uses a lot of whitespaces to create a clean and minimal design. This website is very modern and interactive. The website was enhanced with a little bit of color here and there to complement the web design. The overall design is sleek and provides a seamless browsing experience.
Best Websites for IT Companyworkspace365.net

IT Companies Websites

25. Right Information

Why it Works: This IT website’s cool animated graphics piques the visitors’ interest and encourages them to explore the site. The site’s red and black color scheme looks fantastic together.
IT Company Websites Designrightinformation.com

26. Fingent

Why it Works: Video snippets on their hero section do an excellent job of explaining what they do. The overall design is professional and sophisticated. The company’s business services are featured prominently on the home page, with clear descriptions and calls to action.
IT Company Websites Designfingent.com

27. Trello

Why it works: The website has a clean and professional design that makes it easy to navigate. The color scheme uses simple but effective tones, which creates an elegant feel for the user experience overall.
IT Company Websites Designtrello.com

28. Jira Software

Why it Works: Jira Software’s website has a light and airy color palette. The SVG animations provide depth and explain what tech products and services they have to offer to visitors.
IT Company Websites Designatlassian.com/software/jira

Website for IT

29. B4E Vault

Why it works: The tech site content is easy to read because of good contrast, large headings, and large fonts or bold typography. This technology website makes up for the lack of product images by having very subtle on-scroll animations and creative background patterns and shapes.
Top IT Company Websiteb4e.com

30. Wrike

Why it Works: This tech website is fun and engaging. They used colorful shapes and lines that contrasts well with the dark green and blue background.
Top IT Company Websitewrike.com

31. InVision

Why it Works: The overall design of this website is very sleek and modern. The use of whitespace is excellent and the colors are well-chosen. The CTA buttons are prominently displayed and the content on specific pages is easy to read and digest.
Top IT Company Websiteinvisionapp.com

32. Asana

Why it Works: Asana’s website is easy on the eyes, with white space and fun color accents. The animations are subtle but make the site more engaging. The overall web design is clean and minimal, which makes for easy reading.
Top IT Company Websiteasana.com

Website IT Company

33. Future Processing

Why it Works: The use of color in this website is unique and different. The overall web design is modern and sleek. The CTA buttons are bright and bold, which makes them impossible to miss.
IT Company Website Examplesfuture-processing.com

34. Barrage

Why it Works: This IT website may have muted colors and a simplistic layout, but don’t let that fool you. The design as a whole is modern and easy to use. Plus, the addition of their accent colors makes this site look polished and sophisticated.
IT Company Website Examplesbarrage.net

35. Yalantis

Why it Works: The use of dark background and orange accent makes this IT consulting company website striking. The mouse-activated animation adds interest to this website. After the hero section, there it services are easily accessible which is great for users.
IT Company Website Examplesyalantis.com

36. Grinteq

Why it Works: Immediately upon arriving on this IT website, visitors are captivated by a sleek and modern web design. The awards displayed under the hero section help to build trust and establish authority.
Websites for IT Companygrinteq.com

Websites of IT Companies

37. Innowise

Why it Works: This Information technology company’s website has a unique web design that uses custom line graphics. Although there is a lot of content on the page, it is easy to find what you’re looking for.
Websites for IT Companyinnowise-group.com

38. Binariks Inc.

Why it Works: The first you’ll notice about this website is the attention-grabbing, interactive hero animation using bold colors. This website’s design is modern and sleek.
Websites for IT Companybinariks.com

39. Noltic

Why it Works: This dark IT website has a very clean and minimal design. The use of negative space is excellent and the overall aesthetic is professional. The CTA buttons are well-designed and easy to spot.
Websites for IT Companynoltic.com

40. iTechArt

Why it Works: This website’s design uses a lot of negative space to create a clean and minimal look. The company’s digital products and IT services are featured prominently on the home page, with clear descriptions and calls to action. The overall web design is sleek and user-friendly.
Websites for IT Companyitechart.com


These best tech websites provide inspiration for your business websites or if you are just curious about how other technology companies in the industry are representing themselves online, these websites are sure to impress. From minimal designs to interactive hero animations, these sites show that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to an IT website design. However, all of these websites have one design that works well for their respective companies. If you’re stuck in what direction to take your corporate website, consider studying these examples for inspiration. And if you’re looking for web designers that can help turn your vision into reality, reach out to the professionals at Thomas Digital.

We will create a custom mockup of your business website before you sign or pay for anything. If you like our design for your business we can move forward working together. If not, there are no hard feelings and no other obligations.

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