Veterinary Website Designs – 40 of the Best

Looking for inspiring veterinary websites? You’ve come to the right place! These websites provide users with up-to-date veterinary preventive care and medical advice for their visitors. From creative designs to informative content. We’ve searched the web for the Best Veterinary Website Designs and have selected the following 40 examples of great-looking veterinarian websites.

1. Beaver Brook Animal Hospital

Why it works: This veterinarian website features a clean overall look with subtle color use and beautiful high-quality images. It is a great example of modern design, offering easy access and navigation to the brand’s relevant information like present services.veterinary website

2. Mendocino Animal Hospital

Why it works: Mendocino Hospital’s design is modern, clean, and easy to navigate. The section dividers are unique and the overall design provides a friendly feel. The use of unique image containers and icons helps as well.
veterinary website

3. Avian Animal Hospital

Why it works: This veterinary website is designed with bright and trendy colors. The pictures used are also colorful and add interest to the whole veterinary website. The header and footer contain extensive functionality to acquire clients easily.
best veterinary website

4. Pet Poison Helpline

Why it works: Pet Poison Helpline design is modern and inviting. The homepage shows a good balance between relevant content and white space. Each section is unique and makes the site interesting. The fonts they use are also clean and appropriate for their service.
veterinarians website

Best Veterinarian Websites

5. Veterinarska Fakulteta

Why it works: Veterinarska Fakulteta’s design is very professional and interesting. The sharp studio-quality pictures used are unique and can capture the attention of most people. It also has a modern design aesthetic with great use of typography and visuals for inspiration.
best veterinary website

6. Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital

Why it works: Curved dividers and rounded corners are the most noticeable design aesthetic of Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital’s website. The colors used and the photos of happy clients and their pet animals make the design feel friendly and inviting.

7. Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix

Why it works: Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix features a hero video showing active and healthy animals. Each section of the home page of this business is an example of well-defined alternating background colors, pictures, and text.
Animal Care Hospital of

8. Malta Animal Hospital

Why it works: This veterinary website design is friendly yet professional. The cropped photos with graphical background designs make the site’s lasting impression friendly. The minimal colors and the actual photos and videos of their team and facilities make the design look efficient.
animals wellness

best veterinary websites

9. La Verne Animal Hospital

Why it works: The home page is clean and light. It uses sharp and easy-to-read fonts. The photos used are also clear and vibrant. The site also includes an interactive list of the best care services and practice they offer on their veterinary website.
animals wellness

10. Amherst Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: The home page of this website features unique services and practice,success stories, vital and helpful resources, an interactive veterinarian blog, and links to social media pages. They also include association and community logos.
pets wellness

11. Orlando Vets

Why it works: Orlando Vets’ design is modern and engaging. The home page features a lot of relevant content organized into essential sections with a corresponding call-to-action button. The photos used are creative and crisp. The friendly stylized heading fonts also add interest to the present site. Users and visitors can also easily see the request an appointment button.
Website Design for

12. St Francis Vet Hospital

Why it works: St Francis Vet Hospital’s design is clean and easy to browse. The sections are an example of well-defined and well-organized relevant content. The easy-access sticky navigation at the top contains their contact information and is always visible to pet owners, clients, users, and website visitors.
animals web

Website for Vets

13. Kankakee Animal Hospital

Why it works: The Kankakee Hospital’s design uses unique ways of displaying its content and different types of veterinary services and practice which is very unlike most veterinary website designs. The combination of colors, fonts, and photos is very innovative and serves as an inspiration. The use of negative space is also very effective.
animals web design

14. Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic

Why it works: The website is ingenious and modern. The use of illustrations with photos is innovative and helps create a friendly image. The inner pages are very informative and well-organized. They also have integrated reviews. The contact and appointment buttons are also visible can easily be seen.
animals web design

15. South Park Animal Hospital

Why it works: South Park Hospital’s design feature a video hero background. The veterinary services are well highlighted on the homepage. In addition, the veterinarian’s contact page contains a map and they have a virtual tour of their facilities.
pets health services

16. Williamsburg Animal Clinic

Why it works: This veterinary website is simple and direct to the point. It features plenty of negative space which provides a focus on the relevant content. It also has veterinary practice and pet care services and helpful veterinarian articles and resources. The contact page contains a map, an appointment form, and important information.
pets health services

Best Veterinary Website

17. Guelph Cat Clinic

Why it works: The design is modern, innovative, and visually appealing. The homepage features different types of brand services and products, the latest news, and helpful industry resources. The illustrations used work in line with their logo.
veterinary website

18. River City Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: Some of the highlights of this website are the welcome videos, subtle animation on a scroll, and alternating content section. They also have quality illustrations not to mention the team page section images. The social media integration, contact, and appointment button works well in this website.
veterinary website

19. Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: This veterinary website has an example of sections that are unique from other sections within the homepage which makes browsing interesting. The site also uses slick and innovative fonts that add creativity to the website.
veterinary website

20. Fishtown Animal Hospital

Why it works: Fishtown Hospital’s design is efficient and engaging. They use actual photos of their doctors, pet owners, and pet clients. The website appears bright, lively, clean, and trendy. The posted Google, Facebook, and Yelp ratings are also displayed.
veterinary website

Veterinary Website

21. Irving Pet Hospital

Why it works: Irving Pet Hospital’s design is clean, friendly, and has lots of whitespaces. The use of illustrations all-throughout matches their logo. The vet services are well highlighted on the homepage and the contact page contains a map.
Irving Pet

22. VCA Carriage Hills

Why it works: This veterinary website is formal, user friendly, and competent. The colors used convey trust and professionalism. The full-blown footer contains links to all the inner pages including their address, service hours, and social media links. A book an appointment button is also helpful for pet owners, new clients and visitors.
VCA Carriage

23. Companion Care Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: The design is modern and stylish. The homepage contains doctors’ photos, services, and other pet owner resources.

Companion Care Veterinary

24. Altitude Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: This design features earthy colors that work well with the pet images they used. The hero section works like an index providing links to the important inner pages. They also have multiple testimonial sections that help build trust and improve digital marketing strategy.
Altitude Veterinary

Veterinary Websites

25. All Paws Veterinary Clinic

Why it works: The design has an attractive color palette. The colors are a treat and easy on the eyes and are used professionally throughout the website. The combination of bold heading fonts and sharp content font works as well.
All Paws

26. Redbank Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: The effect after each scroll makes Redbank Veterinary Hospital’s impression more interesting. The overlapping images and text make it look more engaging. The quality photos and colors used makes visiting this website a memorable experience.
Redbank Veterinary

27. Veterinary Healthcare Associates

Why it works: The content of this website is well-composed and orderly. The videos and animations coupled with parallax scroll effects make the website stand out. The services are presented creatively and professionally.
Veterinary Healthcare

28. Flag City Mobile Vet

Why it works: Flag City Mobile Vet website uses bright and strong colors. They also use actual images of their mobile truck and their people. Their phone number and make an appointment call to action links are always visible for site viewers and visitors.
Flag City Mobile

Veterinary Website Design

29. Greenbrier Veterinary Hospital

Why it works: Greenbrier Veterinary Hospital’s website promotes its multiple locations well by displaying a map with its five locations. The content of their own website is well organized from their brand services, testimonials, appointment forms, and contact and relevant information.
Top Veterinarian

30. Doorstep Mobile Vet

Why it works: Doorstep Mobile Vet design is an example of a full-page scrolling website. Their use of alternating backgrounds on each scroll allows site viewers to focus on the content of each section.
Doorstep Mobile

31. Heartfelt Vet

Why it works: The Heartfelt Vet Center website uses an artistic hero image that is colorful and appealing. The colors used on the whole website are bright and work well with neutral-colored backgrounds. The sticky navigation contains important information like the book an appointment button.

32. Animal Hospital of Parkland

Why it works: The design of this veterinarian website is very inventive and unique. The animation, graphics, and effects on-scroll makes for a unique website. The integrated video in the hero and content section makes it look more interesting.
Top Veterinarian

Top Veterinarian Websites

33. Richland Animal Clinic

Why it works: Richland Animal Clinic’s design is simple, clean, and professional. The homepage uses a mix of light and dark colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Large and high quality images with sharp details help break up each section.
Richland Animal

34. Guardian Veterinary Center

Why it works: This website uses clever and professional-looking fonts. The color contrast on the different website sections makes the content easy to read. The accessibility plugin is very useful for this website.
Veterinary Websites for

35. BondVet

Why it works: BondVet’s web design is modern, professional, and unique. They utilize a split screen-type layout that makes the website interesting. The colors they used are modern and bright. This works well with the images they used.

36. Echuca Moama Veterinary Clinic

Why it works: This design is modern and vibrant. The veterinarian homepage has texts over solid backgrounds for easy reading. The colors used are appropriate for this best veterinary website.
Veterinary Websites for

Veterinary Website Designs

37. BluePearl

Why it works: BluePearl Veterinary Hospital’s website design is innovative and professional. The homepage contains photos of pets positioned around the content and makes the site look friendly and inviting. The colors and fonts used are modern and catchy.

38. Berwick Animal Clinic

Why it works: Simple, clean, and easy to browse are some of the great examples of this website. The use of icons for the pet services with no other description text but the service itself makes it easy for site viewers to find what they are looking for.
Berwick Animal

39. Animal Hospital of Old Saybrook

Why it works: The Hospital of Old Saybrook’s design feature a hero video background. They use bright colors which are pleasing to the eyes. Aside from the hero video, they also use photos, icons, illustrations, online forms, subtle animation, and hover effects. The pet site is also easy to navigate.
brace bridge animal

40. Buffalo Veterinary Clinic

Why it works: This website design uses innovative section dividers and backgrounds. The call-to-action links are always visible on every page. The homepage is visually appealing and the veterinarian services are well-defined.
Buffalo Vet


Designing your veterinary business’ website is an opportunity to make your brand stand out. With so many veterinarians’ businesses competing for the same customers or clients, it’s important that you use every advantage available to get ahead of the so-called competition. The 40 best veterinary websites we’ve collected should provide some inspiration and leave a good impression as you create your own vet website, or update what you have now. If you need any help in design and web development of your own website, let us know today! Our team has experience with veterinary websites and many different industries. We can offer design, web development and SEO services that will fit perfectly into your budget and digital marketing strategy. Click the button below to learn more.

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