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5 Marketing Design Ideas to Increase Conversions on Your Website

The main goal of your marketing design should be in line with your business products and services to potential clients who need them. The purpose of a marketing design is to educate and convert visitors.In this article, we will talk about two of my favorite subjects which are marketing and design. We will see how specifically […]

How to Create a Killer Offer for Your Service Business

The ultimate purpose of every service website is to get qualified leads through the door. Without leads, your business is dead in the water. However, most people mistakenly think that SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, or even their website design will increase their number of leads. In fact, all of those tools increase traffic, not […]

How To Profitably Generate Leads For Your Service Business

If you can’t profitably generate leads for your service business, then you don’t really have a business. People don’t know how much a new customer is worth to them. How much does it cost you to get a new client? How much will a single client generate in new revenue dollars? Can you improve your […]

3 Feet from Gold – Evaluating Your Web Content

We have a morbid fascination with stories involving lost opportunities. Who hasn’t heard of someone who picked up a valuable item for almost nothing at a garage sale? Or the heir who discovers that his deceased relative never threw away his old baseball cards. What about barn cars that turn out to be worth thousands […]

How Does Your Website Fit Within Your Business Model?

The buyer’s journey looks different depending on the type of business involved and the industry in which it operates. For some, the leads are generated before anyone ever visits their company website, but for others, the site is their primary lead generator. Knowing how your company’s clients move from Point A to final conversion will […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Website Branding

You build a brand identity with more than just a name and a logo. Rather, branding is the whole STORY of who you are. Branding includes the LOOK, PURPOSE, and PERSONALITY of your business and it’s important that your branding stays consistent both online and offline. Studies show that branding results in more conversions because […]

The Marketing Manager’s Guide to Redesigning Your Website

Typically, the task of redesigning the company website falls to someone in the Marketing Department.  If you think about it, the marketing team is the best choice, because the ‘marketing first’ approach to website redesign is the best strategy for success. The only problem is that many Marketing Managers know very little about web design. […]

Why Content First Is a Bad Website Strategy

Web Designers usually adopt one of two approaches when they build a website. Either they subscribe to the idea of ‘design first’ or ‘content first.’ However, design first does not meet the needs of the users. Content first is a bad website strategy because it fails to address the ultimate goal of a business website, […]

How to Convert Website Visitors into Qualified Leads

Finding leads is the primary purpose of any website. This is especially true for the service industry. To increase your business, you want to convert website visitors into clients and form a lasting relationship. But how do you go about finding qualified leads? The best method for gathering leads on your site is by collecting […]

How to Convert Leads into Sales Using Email Newsletters

Your business cannot grow unless you accomplish two things, keep the clients you already have and acquire new ones. Sales and marketing are so important that Amazon lists over 86,000 books that claim to know the best way to convert leads into sales. Within the digital world, you often find the terms ‘Sales, ’ and […]

How to Sell Your Services Online – The 4 Stages of Conversion

If you own a service business and want to increase the amount of business you generate online, then you need to read this article on How to Sell Your Services Online. As the owner of a service business myself, I understand exactly what you need to do to grow your business. In fact, one of […]

Get Leads from Your Website with Targeted Offers

Do you have a website that doesn’t bring you as many leads, you would like? Would you like to know how to get leads on a regular basis? The answer lies with your offer. When you use directed content, you narrow your audience. Done correctly, you then eliminate all but the most promising leads. How […]

Why don’t I get leads from my website?

Website Lead Generation Not getting any leads from your website? Wondering why that is? In this article, we will go over in checklist fashion some key things that might be holding your website back from turning website visitors into leads. People are not finding what they are looking for Here’s how I think of a […]

Increase Website Conversions With the 6 Weapons of Influence

Increase Website Conversions I’m about to share with you a secret trick I use to help my clients increase website conversions by up to 100% or more. A lot of people think that Website Design relates mainly to fonts, colors, spacing and imagery. Design elements are of course important. We take pride in our unique […]

What is the Purpose of a Website?

Website Purpose What is the purpose of a website? I’ve had the good fortune of working with many different clients across a wide range of industries. A question I often get from prospective clients who submit a website a website design RFP is, ‘Have you ever done a website in XYZ industry’? Many times I […]