The Best Free Google Tool You’ve Not Heard About

In the Spring of 2017 Google announced a free multivariate testing tool called Optimize. Before the launch of Optimize, website owners only had the option of paying for A/B testing tools like Optimizely or Nellio. It is true that these plugins offer a few more features than Optimize, but at close to $1,000 per month, they were not an option for many businesses. Google Optimize is free and gives smaller companies an economical way to run tests on their websites.

3 Different Types of Testing in Google Optimize

Optimize enables you to run three different types of tests.

  • A/B Test
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Redirect Test

Though similar in some ways, each of these tests focuses on a different set of variables. A/B testing compares two versions of a single element, while multivariate testing looks at two versions of a combination of factors. Redirect testing gives you the ability to analyze two versions of a single web page and all the elements contained therein.

A/B Testing of Your Website

As we said, an A/B Test of a web page looks at two versions of a single element. For instance, if you want to redesign your banner, you can compare how the new design will perform against your previous model before making the switch.

Google Optimize allows you to target your test audience and define the metrics that will determine the success of your experiment. You can use the default objectives or the custom goals you created in Google Analytics.

How to Use A/B Testing Results

A/B testing forces you consider variables for your website. Tweaking of these variables creates a better website experience for your visitors and business growth for you.

  • Improved Content Engagement
  • Reduced Bounce Rates
  • Increased Conversion Rates

A/B testing works with even a small amount of traffic. This fact makes it the perfect tool for new websites as they determine how to reach prospective clients.

Multivariate Testing

Where A/B Testing only compares two versions of a single element, a multivariate testing tool allows you to test several components. Optimize enables you to see which combination of these variables performs the best out of all of the possible combinations.

User experience plays an essential part in keeping prospects on your site long enough for conversion. Multivariate testing helps you build the best possible user experience. The ultimate goal is increased conversions and sales.

How to Use a Multivariate Testing Tool

Whether you are running a simple A/B Test or doing multivariate testing, you need to know what you plan to measure and what to do with the results.

Determine Your Variables

Which metrics do you want to test? This answer probably depends on what you hope to accomplish. Is your end-goal a higher conversion rate? Are you hoping to increase sales or improve cross-selling?

Make Timely Decisions

The insight you receive allows you to make informed decisions in a timely manner. This makes it easier to run holiday campaigns or those of a time-sensitive nature.

Use Online Testing Results in Offline Campaigns

Many businesses use integrated marketing strategies. They reach out to their prospective clients using multiple channels. The information you receive from a multivariate testing tool like Optimize can be incorporated in other places.

For instance, if you find that your targeted audience responds well to a particular image, you may want to use it on both your website and in a direct mail campaign.

Redirect Test

A redirect test is similar to an A/B test, however, where an A/B test compare two versions of a single element, the redirect test compares two versions of a single web page.  Redirect tests are useful when you want to test the redesign of your homepage or other landing pages.

Google Optimize gives you the power to run all three types of tests on your website – for FREE! This particular tool is just one of many that we recommend to our clients for improving their website performance. See a list of free tools to help drive traffic and increase your conversions.

Optimal Website Performance

There are many factors that increase visitor engagement and conversions. It could be your website design or it could be a deeper issue, such as coding.  Just having a properly coded site goes a long way towards improving your user’s experience.

Thomas Digital Design can help you analyze the results of Google’s multivariate testing tool. We can then help you with redesign based on those results. For those needing a new website, ask us about our Free Mock-Up Offer. At no cost or risk to you, we show you what a new website looks like before you commit.



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