Chris J.

When searching for a web designer I wanted to find someone local and personable. Most designers try to sell you a “team”, which is fine if you’re making an advanced corporate site with original graphics and animation, storefront, etc., but we were simply looking for a clean and informative destination without many frills.


Victor met with me initially and went over what was needed to create the website. After the first draft he again met with our entire company to make sure that what we wanted was accomplished. He was patient and flexible, and easy to work with. I think what I learned through the process was that you really need to come to a designer with a strong concept before trying to do anything instead of expecting the designer to come up with your dream without you having to say anything.

I can also say that Victor’s follow-through was excellent. He helped me set up a new hosting service that we are very happy with and gave me all the tools I needed to edit the site myself.

If you’re looking for a personable local designer at a third of the price of most corporate web design firms to create a clean site without a ton of frills, Victor is your man.