Clay B.

We began working with Victor and his team late last year. Our business website was outdated, and we wanted to do a complete redesign. Before engaging Thomas Digital, we spoke to web design companies funny to think about but basically all over the world to insure we found the company who would be able to help us best achieve our goals. I personally spoke to web designers in New York, Chicago, Texas, California and internationally in the Philippines and India.


Everyone had different ideas / approaches and price variation between design companies was shockingly huge. This wasn’t our first time engaging someone to make a website for us so that helped quite a bit to know what to look for.

Before we made our decision, Victor gave his thoughts along with a free mockup with our initial ideas and a quote. We compared this to everyone else and researched the previous sites all these companies had made. We were realistic about price and know in the end you get what you pay for. That said I felt Victor’s quote was fair whereas some other design companies I believe were not reasonable and were trying to take advantage with pricing. My gut told me Victor could deliver what we were looking for all things considered so we chose his company.

I came to appreciate Victor and his team for many reasons now that they’ve successfully relaunched our new website: 1) redesigned site was extremely important to us and they treated it as such, 2) they listened and worked with us on various requests, 3) design wise they nailed it, 4) technically speaking they clearly have capabilities and resources to do almost anything you could dream up within reason and 5) I felt they took pride in their work and wanted to make customer happy.

In the end, I’m happy to say Thomas Digital delivered. Willing to bet if I asked any of the 20 something web design companies (in the beginning of this process who we spoke to) to copy our new site from scratch, many would not be able and ones who could come closest, would try to charge us much more. Huge value with our decision because of this. Very thankful we chose Victor and his team thus why I felt compelled to write a detailed review. Thomas Digital has earned our trust. We even decided to go with a monthly maintenance plan with them because I know they will look out for us going forward.