Scott Petty ESQ.

I recently used Thomas Digital to create a website for my company and I’m extremely pleased with the end result! I would absolutely recommend Thomas Digital website design services.

I’m in the Dallas market, and I originally wanted a local web designer. But I couldn’t find anyone in my area that I was willing to work with (I’m sure there are many fine web designers in Dallas, and I just didn’t find them). The ones that I spoke with were unresponsive, ridiculously priced, or just plain unimpressive.


I stumbled across Thomas Digital doing a nationwide Google search, and I was very impressed with their website. You would think that people in the web design business would have great websites, but this is not the case. The fact that Thomas Digital has a great website put them ahead of most of their competitors, as far as I was concerned. I also liked their business model of providing a free basic mock up of your website.

Thomas Digital responded very quickly to my request for more information, and I got a good feeling after a conference call with the owner to discuss the specifics of my website. I was still a little nervous about using a web designer in a different time zone, but my fears were quickly put to rest.

Thomas Digital has a very structured work flow for the entire web site design process. They are very good at listening to what you want out of your website and how you envision it to look and then actually delivering that website on the first attempt. I wanted to get my website up and running as fast as possible, so it was important to me that the web designer could deliver what I was looking for without having to make a bunch of revisions before getting it right, which Thomas Digital did marvelously.

After my website was designed and handed over to me, I used some PPC marketing experts to help me put together a click ad campaign. The people who helped me with this stated that my web site was extremely well designed. They said that it was one of the best mobile friendly designed websites that they had ever worked with. It was great to get some unbiased third party feedback on what a great job Thomas Digital did on my website.

Thomas Digital delivered exactly what I was looking for in a short amount of time, and they did it all for a very reasonable price. When I need further web design work, I will call Thomas Digital immediately; I will not consider using anyone else.