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Digital Marketing Scams – 5 Ways Small Businesses Get Scammed

Read over five ways digital marketing companies scam small businesses before it happens. Scam #1. Scammy or ineffective SEO services I was talking to someone recently because I’m kind of getting into SEO services. SEO is something I know quite a bit about, but it’s not something I’ve been offering as a service. It’s just […]

How Web Hosting Affects Site Speed

NOT ALL WEB HOSTS ARE THE SAME! When it comes to slow page loading speeds, it probably has nothing to do with your web design. You can optimize, compress, and cache all you want. However, if your host is not top-notch, speed issues can be created by a bottleneck on your web host’s server. In essence, […]

Don’t Trust a Fat Diet Expert, a Skinny Chef, or a Digital Marketer Who Uses Cold Outreach

Would you see a dentist with bad teeth? How would you react to a financial consultant that drove a rusty 1992 Ford? Can you imagine consulting a dietician who is morbidly obese? Of course not! So, why in the world would you use a digital marketer who uses cold outreach? “Never trust a skinny cook” Unknown It just doesn’t make sense to use an “expert” that […]

3 Feet from Gold – Evaluating Your Web Content

We have a morbid fascination with stories involving lost opportunities. Who hasn’t heard of someone who picked up a valuable item for almost nothing at a garage sale? Or the heir who discovers that his deceased relative never threw away his old baseball cards. What about barn cars that turn out to be worth thousands […]

Is On-Page SEO Enough to Rank on Google?

There are two types of search engine optimization (SEO) that can improve your ranking: on-page and off-page. The first, on-page SEO, is absolutely necessary if you want the search engines to categorize your site. Some web designers include this type of search engine optimization as part of their web design package and others do not. Yet, […]

Is Your Site Invisible to Google Because of Bad Coding?

Do you have a website that’s not ranking on Google? If so, then it could be a result of bad coding. A lot of SEO companies would have you believe that you have to pay a ton of money each month to rank on Google. But the truth is, it’s possible to get on Page […]

How to Write Website Content that Ranks on Google

The content on your website drives both your organic and paid traffic. It determines where you fall in the search ranks, and it establishes your credibility in the marketplace. Every article you write must be for two audiences: the general public, and the search engines. To reach the former, you must satisfy the latter, but how do […]

Why is My Website Running Slow?

If your website is not ranking in Google, then one of the first things you need to check is its speed. To improve the user experience, Google penalizes sites that don’t load in under 3 seconds. Rather than assume you need to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your landing pages, instead you should […]

Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google?

If you want your website ranking on Google you’re in the right place. I liken a non-ranking website to owning a pimped-out sports car that won’t start. It looks great, but if it doesn’t move you from Point A to Point B, then you are going nowhere fast. So, bear with me as I take […]

Tips to Keep SEO Rank While Updating Your Website Design

Redesign Website Without Losing SEO If you’re looking to redesign your website but are scared to do so because you might lose SEO rank, then read on. This article was written just for you. Have you ever heard of the website Plenty of Fish? The guy who built the site was developing it as an […]