Website Revamp – 9 Signs Your Website Is Due For a Redesign

Website Revamp

Technology is like fashion, trends come and go. What has appeal today might be out tomorrow. The question, for now, is: “Do you need a website revamp?” Check out the following items to see if you need a website redesign:

website revamp

1. Nonresponsive Site or Mobile-Unfriendly

Website viewers are currently switching from desktops to mobile devices. Google also penalizes non-responsive websites in search rankings. Does your website look good on a smartphone? Is your site mobile responsive?


website redesign 2. Slow Load Time

People are busy and don’t want to wait for a website to completely display its contents. Slow load times may cause viewers to quickly look for another site. How fast does your website load? Have you tried comparing it with your competitor’s website?


website refresh3. Crowded Pages

A little breathing room or whitespace can allow readers to focus on important content. Does your site have information all crammed up in your home page? Does your website have narrow dimensions with tightly squeezed content?


need a new website4. The Absence of a Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is a web application that allows for multiple users with different permission levels to content without the need to have HTML or programming knowledge. Does making changes to the content of your website is a tedious task that requires programming skill?



new website design 5. High Bounce Rate

A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave the site from the same page they entered the site, without clicking through to any other pages. If your site’s bounce rate is high, then definitely something is wrong. What is your website’s current bounce rate?


website redesign 6. Low Conversion Rate

A conversion rate problem is present when your product or service on your website is no longer selling as it used to, or your website traffic is slowing down, no phone calls or emails, or your business is no longer getting sales via your website. How is your website’s conversion rate?


website revamp 7. Your Site Uses Flash

Flash sites are appealing back in the day, but they usually take long to load, are not displayed properly on mobile devices, and are unreadable by web browsers which negatively affects your site’s search engine rankings. Is your website flash free?


icon - website redesign8. Outdated Content and Images

Time always presents new challenges, opportunities, and growth. Does your website still reflect your values and goals? Is your presentation still relevant to today’s market? Are the images and content in your website still relevant?


icon - website revamp 9. Low Search Rankings

The best way to gain clients is to appear on the top rank of search results or at least to be found on the first page. Try using keyword terms to search for your website; are you on the first page?


Perception of a dated website varies from one site visitor to another. While you may think that your website is still pleasing to the eye, it is a good practice to check your competitor’s website. Websites that operate within your industry or niche, and website awards sites. Try using Google analytics to see data about your website.

Your website is your virtual storefront, and as such it must reflect your company’s values. If you need help about website revamp or want to see a FREE new mockup created just for you, contact us here.

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