Don’t Trust a Fat Diet Expert, a Skinny Chef, or a Digital Marketer Who Uses Cold Outreach

Would you see a dentist with bad teeth? How would you react to a financial consultant that drove a rusty 1992 Ford? Can you imagine consulting a dietician who is morbidly obese? Of course not! So, why in the world would you use a digital marketer who uses cold outreach?

“Never trust a skinny cook”

It just doesn’t make sense to use an “expert” that can’t demonstrate their expertise.

What is cold outreach?

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive at least four to five emails from would-be SEO experts, soliciting my business. These “digital marketers” send out thousands of emails to cold prospects just hoping, through sheer numbers, to land a client.

This hit-and-miss method of marketing does NOT inspire my confidence in their abilities to market my website, even if I wasn’t already the business myself.

And that’s another thing…

Shouldn’t a digital marketer know enough about their prospects or clients to at least know what type of business they run?

How to Find a Good Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a broad term for a wide array of services.

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • AdWords or Paid Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content Marketing

Logic says that a good web designer will have a beautiful, mobile-friendly site. SEO experts will show up at the top of the search engine results. AdWord specialists will run their own AdWord campaigns and email marketers will send you emails that you actually feel compelled to open.

For example, Thomas Digital Design gets 80% of all new business from SEO traffic. These are people who have no prior relationship with our company, but they search out web design and find us at the top of the search results.

In case you didn’t know, our company operates out of San Francisco. The competition on the West Coast for that top spot is STIFF. So, without really good on-page SEO, there is no way we could claim to be the #1 San Francisco web design company.

SEO Is Not Enough

But, it’s not enough for a digital marketer to understand SEO. The marketing process actually involves three steps.

#1 – Search Engine Optimization

It’s true that our web designs are mobile-friendly, encrypted, and FAST! This is the basis of good SEO. Building on that, we write content that contains the appropriate keywords for your region and industry. Structured data offers clarity and increases search engine optimization. Plus, we structure your site for both the search engines and your visitors.

We know SEO.

If you are NOT ranking on Page 1 of Google then you can contact Thomas Digital Design – by Googling ‘San Francisco web design‘.

You will find us, right there at the top of the SERP.

#2 – Having a Great Offer

So they found you. Now what?

Will they take the next step and click through to your site?

The ultimate purpose of every website is to generate qualified leads. Yet, most people mistakenly think that SEO,  Google Ads, or content marketing generates leads. In fact, they only generate TRAFFIC.

That is not the same thing.

A lead is a visitor that engages with your brand and the best way to get them to engage is to create a killer offer for your business.

How do we know this? Because that is exactly what we do to turn our traffic into leads.

We know selling an offer works because we have a no risk, hard-to-pass-up, offer which people love. We give prospective clients a FREE Mockup of their new site in just 7 days with no future obligation. That’s right… we allow you to “try before you buy.”

And people love it!

#3 – Converting Leads into Customers

The final step of the process (and the one that matters most) involves converting leads into paying customers. Not only do you want to turn them into customers but you really want to form a lasting relationship. This requires you to engage.

A digital marketer who uses cold outreach is not demonstrating that they know how to market your business effectively. After all, they can’t even market their own. Find out how a digital marketer gets their clients and if they can’t show proven methods of driving traffic and converting leads, then consider that a huge red flag.

You can always call Thomas Digital for web design or digital marketing services.

Remember, you can find us through SEO.

We are the ones with that great FREE Mockup offer, and we will always follow-up with you in a professional and engaging way (without being a nuisance).


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