40 Fabulous Commercial
Real Estate Websites

In this article, you’ll discover 40 stunning and original examples of Commercial Real Estate Website Design. These aren’t just your average commercial real estate websites. These are unique and novel designs that will inspire you for your next creative project.

1. The Kase Group

Why it works: The design has a lovely geometric pattern. The Kase Group’s website is simple to use and provides well-structured information.

commercial real estate website design


2. The Aberg Grp.

Why it works: The website’s effects were flawlessly executed, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience. Excellent photos with a distinct layout.


3. Melillo+Bauer

Why it works: The layout is unique and somewhat futuristic. It is the epitome of innovation and luxury.

real estate website


Best Real Estate Website Design

4. Discovery Building

Why it works: Discovery Building provides a smooth and pleasing experience as the result of smooth animations and spacious layout.


5. Waterfront

Why it works: Stunning layout and exceedingly beautiful website design. Cool animations and transitions were integrated in this real estate website.


6. 55 West

Why it works: 55 West’s layout is unusual yet entirely appropriate for the sector. For anchor scrolling, I like how the sections are buttons on the right side.

real estate website


7. Time Equities Inc.

Why it works: Modern layout that looks very professional yet youthful. The website’s various pages are properly organized in categories.

commercial real estate website design


8. MKT

Why it works: A fun combination of aesthetics, structure, and creativity. This commercial real estate website design is simple to use and understand.


Commercial Real Estate Sites

9. Glen Cove Marina

Why it works: The colors are vibrant and beautiful. There is a lot of contrast in this design, which makes it very appealing. The video on the homepage acts as a virtual tour.

real estate website


10. One Fillmore Plaza

Why it works: Particularly love the very clean layout with very easy-to-read texts from top to bottom.


11. Central Park Real Estate

Why it works: This website’s innovative use of interactive images, allowing visitors to choose a building or location of choice, is a well-executed feature. The design is clean and straightforward.


12. Pena Station Next

Why it works: The 3D-rendered video brings a bright splash of color to the whole website. Overall the website felt very alive and modern.

commercial real estate website design


13. The Rollins

Why it works: This is an excellent approach to use graphics to enhance the overall website experience. Also, I appreciate the sticky bar for displaying brands.


Best Real Estate Websites

14. Rabin

Why it works: It has a very clean, airy appearance and is extremely professional-looking. The different section layouts create interest.

real estate website


15. 601 Oakland City Center

Why it works: Aside from the subtle moving clouds on the home page, one should not miss the feature-rich inner pages (especially the Availabilities page)


16. Uptown Station

Why it works: The hero section has a custom pointer based on the company’s logo. On the feature section of the homepage, they used a wonderfully effective grid.


17. Exchange South End

Why it works:  This is a very unique modern design. The structure is highlighted by 3D moving images displayed upfront. A lot of information is provided regarding the buildings.

commercial real estate website design


18. 99 High Street

Why it works: 99 High Street has a clear navigation with unique color scheme. The implementation of photo filters on the images are also creative.

real estate website


Commercial Real Estate Websites

19. 1144 Fifteenth

Why it works: 100% unique graphics and layout. 1144 Fifteenth’s website design is highly innovative and modern.


20. South City

Why it works: A rather simple website design that doesn’t take away creativity and innovation. Not too much, not too less.


21. Marcus & Millichap

Why it works: Minimal design with refreshing video on hero. Quick and easy access to featured properties and beautiful iconography.


22. 125 W 25th

Why it works: Super simple and minimal landing page where the surprises appear when you explore the inner pages.

commercial real estate website design


23. Nordost Exchange

Why it works: The prominent navigation panel makes it simple for visitors to locate what they’re looking for.


24. Northwest Medical Plaza

Why it works: Clear and easy-to-read information from navigation to footer. They provided easy-to-understand floor plans.


25. Westview

Why it works: Bright and easy to identify button for downloading brochure. This commercial real estate website is east to navigate.


26. Greenpoint Landing

Why it works: The website’s color scheme and layout are both simple, yet the experience is pleasant. The usage of distinct hues creates a better brand personality. Life is brought to the website by the subtle animations.


27. Pacific Park Brooklyn

Why it works: The hero video shows the sweet life one can have as a tenant/client. Media-rich website.

commercial real estate website design


28. Ignited Spaces

Why it works: Live chat, special offers, and stunning transition effects are just a few of the distinctive characteristics that set this website apart.


29. East Market

Why it works: East Market’s website has an astounding graphics and animations. Overall, the site is elegant, professional, and highly engaging.


30. 405 Colorado

Why it works: You don’t have to scroll to see what the building has to offer. A website design worth emulating.


31. Snyder Carlton

Why it works: Simple yet effective design that shows the different listings. The colors and layout have good contrast.


32. CityLine DFW

Why it works: CityLine DFW showed good use of black and white on design. They provided smooth and intuitive website experience for visitors.

commercial real estate website design


33. MetCenter

Why it works: This website is both colorful and comprehensive, with a lot of photos that stand out.


Commercial Real Estate Webites

34. Turbine Brooklyn

Why it works: A good example of a ‘just right’ website. The quick and compact display of the building specs on the homepage is a welcome feature.


35. River South

Why it works: River South’s website design features a unique navigation design with gorgeous photography. It was a pleasure to read the interactive facility features section.


36. Zappettini

Why it works: Sections are divided by white space which creates better contrast. This site has a professional and formal appeal.


37. Red Hoek Point

Why it works: Another nice website design with a 3d-rendered hero section. The bright menu button, vibrant colors, and illustrations stand out.

commercial real estate website design


38. Whale Brooklyn

Why it works: The splash page has a very powerful image on load. Throughout the site, inspiring pictures, vivid colors with appealing graphics were used.


39. Avery Centre

Why it works: A good example of a simple but striking website design. The site made effective use of the right right hierarchy of buttons.


40. Terracap

Why it works: From the inside out, the layout’s distinctive character is unquestionably worth noting.



There you have it. Beautiful examples of commercial real estate websites to leave you inspired for your next project. Speaking of which, if you need help with your next commercial real estate website design project, we’re here to help. Many of the examples from this article were our design and we’ve worked on many commercial estate websites in the past. Best of all, we will design a Free Custom Mockup of your new website before your sign or pay anything. Click here to learn more.