40 Best Manufacturing Websites

If you’re looking for a manufacturing web design, look no further! These websites are packed with information on everything from industry news to sourcing new suppliers. So whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest manufacturing trends or find new suppliers, these websites will help you get the job done. We hope you’ll be able to find inspiration for your next manufacturing web design project in these examples, most of which showcase trends and ideas about designing a web presence for a manufacturing company.

1. TextTech Industries

Why it works: This manufacturing website uses fonts that are easy to read – a key element in any web design project. The headline fonts are large and easily visible, and they use a color scheme that makes it easy to differentiate between different types of text.

Manufacturing Websites


2. Plex

Why it works: The company’s great website is very well-made with an outstanding video of their process. The website is also very easy to navigate, with a clear menu bar and links that are easy for the site visitors to see. The layout is simple but efficient, and it’s easy to find the information you need.


3. Graco

Why it works: One of the cleanest manufacturing websites on this list, with the right amount of colors and images to make it more lively. Text is also very legible throughout the entire website making it easy for screen readers to understand the content.

Manufacturing Websites


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4. Titan Systems

Why it works: The homepage of the manufacturing site features catchy text with a lot of graphics and a simple navigation bar. The web design is very orderly, making it easy to find anything you need.


5. Marion Body Works

Why it works: A catchy landing page with a robust tagline set the center stage on this manufacturing website design. The website’s images and graphics scattered throughout the site are strategically placed.

Manufacturing Website


6. American Alloy Fabricators

Why it works: Strong navigations design, cool and consistent animations, and hover effects with a very professional feel. The web design is a perfect match to the material this manufacturing company fabricates.

Manufacturing Websites


7. NTS Unitek

Why it works: A cool hero section with a dynamic slider that makes the manufacturing website feel alive. Particularly love the services section where the steps/items are in tab form featuring a compact body of text and quality images making it easy for website visitors to locate the manufacturing company’s products and services.


8. Cisco

Why it works: A big brand in the manufacturing business with a very modern feel to their website. We love how all the sections are divided into clear chunks/boxes of their own. The addition of graphics also boosts the site visitors’ experience while browsing their manufacturing website.


manufacturing website inspiration

9. SPC

Why it works: The design of this manufacturing website is very neat and has lots of high-quality product images. The site is easy to navigate, and the layout of the web designer is simple but efficient.

Manufacturing Websites


10. AngloAmerican

Why it works: This website has a very powerful hero section featuring original quality images. The website also uses a lot of white space, making it easy to read.


11. CST Tires USA

Why it works: What we particularly love about this industrial website design is that it is not short of high-quality action images that push its product to the front. Clever use of whitespace and typography make this website easy on the eyes and stands out from other manufacturing websites.

Manufacturing Website design


12. AvinED

Why it works: Not every colorful website is appealing, but this manufacturing website of AvinED has colors in all the right places. The overall layout also feels professional and classy making them one of the top manufacturing websites.


13. MAC Instruments

Why it works: One of the best manufacturing companies, MAC Instruments, has a simple yet effective design. Buttons and the navigation are bold and clear. The subtle touch of graphics/icons adds an original feel to this industrial website.

Manufacturing Websites


top manufacturing web design

14. Anduril

Why it works: One of the most modern manufacturing websites on the list, Anduril’s site features a no-frills design that focuses on strong imagery and well-planned typography. We love the minimalist layout and how everything is easy to find.


15. Rockwell Automation

Why it works: A sleek and professional web design with futuristic techno feel. This site effectively uses beautiful transition animations and hover effects. The layout is clear and concise, making it a great website for industrial and manufacturing companies.


16. John Deere US

Why it works: At first glance, one could easily know what they do and their products. Unlike usual manufacturing sites, their products take a stronger presence in digital marketing.

Manufacturing Websites


17. Rice Lake Glass

Why it works: Captivating video background for the hero section. The website has tabbed interfaces that emphasize essential elements and attract attention to the content on the home page.


18. Weima

Why it works: Another modern website design with an out-of-the-box layout. What sets this manufacturing website apart is its marketing efforts in using 3D animations to show off its products.


manufacturing website design

19. Lear Corporation

Why it works: This website design is sleek, modern, and minimalist which sets them apart from other industrial websites. We also love the choice of fonts; they give the website a very professional and polished look.


20. Chrome Industries

Why it works: One of the best manufacturing web design trends shown on this site is its aesthetically-appealing high-resolution images. Product imagery is especially important to generate leads for the sales team.


21. Mattei

Why it works: One of the best manufacturing websites that are set up to properly showcase products, this one, in particular, has a strong use of typography to match the engineering and manufacturing industry. Their social media icons are prominently displayed at the top of the screen, which is a nice touch in digital marketing.


22. Dyson

Why it works: Despite the minimalist layout, what we love about the website of this manufacturing industry is how its graphics have been applied in a way that still looks modern and futuristic. The search engine is also very user-friendly.

Manufacturing Websites


23. JCB

Why it works: For a big manufacturing company, it’s very smart to see their website’s visuals looking very compact and making all the texts easy to read. Everything the screen reader might need can also be easily found.


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24. Symtec

Why it works: Symtec’s website design is a good example of simplicity while maintaining its strong branding in digital marketing.


25. Caterpillar

Why it works: A website for a world-renowned brand. It features strong contrasts between elements, striking colors, bold typography, and crisp images which are important screen reader requirements.


26. MarkForged

Why it works: Ultra sleek dark-themed website that includes high-quality graphics, large fonts, and bold typeface that are sure to catch screen reader users’ eyes.


27. PMI

Why it works: This best manufacturing websites’ design is reminiscent of a collection of collages, with graphics and colors carefully selected to complement each other. Despite the variety of color schemes, website navigation buttons are distinguishable and easy to click on.

Manufacturing Websites


28. NEORig

Why it works: Being the ‘Future in Manufacturing’, their website’s components also has futuristic elements with animations that boost that feel. The website’s layout is easy to understand and the overall design gives off a modern vibe.


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29. DuPont

Why it works: A clean and minimalistic manufacturing website that courageously strips away ornaments and flourishes to push content to the center. The colors are also ample enough to make the site look less boring without breaking the brand.


30. Molecular

Why it works: The design for this great manufacturing website is simple, but the features offered are impressive. One of my favorite features on the homepage is video play for when a user hovers over an image.


31. DCA

Why it works: The ‘Free Project Analysis’ has a catchy shining animation. The overall feel of the design is calm, airy and light which sets it apart from other manufacturing companies.


32. Avient

Why it works: Avient’s website is a good example of what a homepage should be. It includes all the most important, relevant, and best-fitting tools and links to their site in the most user-friendly way without being monotonous.


33. Tungco

Why it works: A superb website design that features a great mix of graphics, imagery, and subtle animations. Particularly love the big red arrow at the bottom pointing to the CTA button making it easier for screen readers to locate.


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34. Viking Electronics

Why it works: The use of bright red color on the website design is contrasted by the clean and simple layout. Products have also been arranged purposely for ease of viewing which is a plus in digital marketing.


35. GE

Why it works: One of the top manufacturing websites is GE’s site because it includes modern aesthetics, high-contrast elements, and smooth parallax transitions between sections. Its website’s functions are also easy to find and use.

Manufacturing Websites


36. Fairlawn Tool Inc.

Why it works: The icons used in navigation are attractive and match the rest of the site design very well. Despite the unusual layout, scrolling through the website felt natural and easy. Their digital marketing is very up-to-date and their search engine is also very user-friendly.


37. Aalberts

Why it works: A red-themed industrial website that creates a strong presence upon visit. The use of soft curves on the custom geometric shapes adds a unique personality and a futuristic feel to the site’s design.

Manufacturing Websites


38. Dow

Why it works: We love the availability of the search engine for visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for. Each section is well displayed and categorized so it’s easier for site visitors to find what they want. These set it apart from other manufacturing websites.

Manufacturing Websites


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39. Oxiteno

Why it works: This manufacturing website is designed with a great mixture of colors in harmony with one another, and a great variety of geometric graphics and illustrations to add interest to the screen readers and visitors.


40. Glauber

Why it works: One of the qualities we appreciate about this site design is its straightforward approach to what this company offers and what they do which will provide screen readers with all the essential information they need.

Manufacturing Websites



The 40 best manufacturing website design examples above are a great starting point for anyone looking to create an impactful, informative, and professional site. From color palette choices to navigation layout, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in these websites designed by some of the top web designers online using their very best efforts. If you need help with your existing or new website project, we’re here to provide affordable solutions that suit your specific needs.

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