40 Best Roofing Web Design Inspirations

A well-designed roofing website can make all the difference when it comes to winning new business and making your business thrive. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further! In this blog post, we will showcase 40 of The Best Roofing Website Design inspirations out there. These custom roofing websites are sure to inspire you with their clever use of color and typography, as well as their unique layouts. So if you’re in the market for a new roofing website, be sure to check out these examples!

1. Chicago Flat Roof Company

Why it works: This roofing website features highly creative navigation and a comprehensive footer. The styling of elements is unique and catchy. Content is laid in chunks for easy reading and scrolling.
top roofing website designchicagoflatroofcompany.com

2. Findlay Roofing

Why it works: What we appreciate about this roofing website design is how personal it makes our visitors feel and experience. The site is professional, yet there’s enough room for play and fun. Also, don’t forget the interactive infographic on the homepage!
roofing website design examplefindlayroofing.com

3. Bone Dry

Why it works: Authoritative, credible, and strong—three words that best describe the impact of this website design. Text legibility is quite good, and the graphics felt just right to the site’s branding.
best roofing websitesbonedry.com

4. BBG

Why it works: This is a great example of compact but highly modern in impact. Accessibility options are available especially for the visually impaired. The menu (and even the search platform) is striking and glorious. Subtle but refreshing animations everywhere.
good roofing websitebbg-fl.com

Best Roofing Websites

5. JC&C

Why it works: Very energetic drone shot as background for the hero section. The roofing website design looked well-planned down to the smallest details like the roof repair and new roof installation sections on the homepage.
roofer websites for inspirationmyroofimprovement.com

6. Indy Roof Company

Why it works: Regardless of the blue color scheme, the site still felt warm and welcoming to website visitors. We also loved the different videos scattered throughout the site.
websites for roofersindyroofcompany.com


Why it works: Stylish and super catchy branding and colors, logo design is very professional and timely, clear navigation. Scrolling every section felt pleasing without the usual feel of overselling.
roofing contractors websiteedcoproducts.com

8. Cleveland Commercial Roofing

Why it works: Unique page layout with essentials very visible and accessible. The ‘get a quote’ button has a shining animation that felt just right for this roofing web design. The layout is also very spacious and easy to the eyes.
roofer website designclevelandroofs.com

Best Roofing Web Design

9. The Flat Roof Company

Why it works: One can easily tell the authority of this company in its industry just by landing on this website. The company’s credibility is well-pronounced on the site in and out. The quality of images is also up to par with their standards.
The Flat Roof Companytheflatroofco.com

10. Roofing Companies Chicago

Why it works: Bright, airy, and cleanly executed. The mix of icons and photos is very harmonious and balanced. A roofing site that is worth emulating in a lot of different aspects.
roofing contractor websiteroofingcompanieschicagoland.com

11. Stay Dry Roofing

Why it works: Dynamic and energetic, youthful and authoritative. We particularly love the different colors used throughout the roofing site without looking busy. The user experience herein is second to none.
Stay Dry Roofingstaydryroofing.com

12. Smart Home Improvement

Why it works: Straightforward, but the delightful and cozy experience on this website is a result of the right choice of typefaces, images, relevant content and tone of messaging. We also love the custom scrollbar for this site!
roofing company websitesmarthomeimprovementdmv.com

Roofing Websites for Inspiration

13. Excellent Roofing

Why it works: The guarantee badge ribbon on the hero area is a sure call for visitors to immediately establish trust. The website is also very clean with just the right pops of colors.
Excellent Roofingexcellentroofing.com

14. Punum Roofing

Why it works: A top-notch header design is seen in this roofing site. Easy access to the estimate form is provided. The roofing web design has a lot of usability and accessibility in mind.
roofing company websites

15. Secured Roofing & Restoration

Why it works: Powerful graphics and stark colors bring this roofing site to our list. Each scroll is never boring, and all content is easy to digest.
Secured Roofing and Restorationsecuredroofingandrestoration.com

16. MLK Construction

Why it works: Simple but efficient, lightweight yet robust. There’s no flashy graphics or pop-ups here that would distract you, but just a sweet experience that hits the mark very well.
roofing contractor websitesstlroofingcompany.com


17. Mahattan Roofing

Why it works: Big bold headings against big bold red backgrounds. One can easily tell how serious they are with their services. Overall, the site is simple but has every essential checked in our list.
Mahattan Roofingmanhattanroofs.com

18. Amstill Roofing

Why it works: Amstill Roofing used high-quality hero video background with big bold headings that throw a very good impact on website visitors. They showcased a live chat feature and google reviews. The structure of the site is also very simple to comprehend.
best looking roofing websitesamstillroofing.com

19. Piney Orchard Roofing

Why it works: Not everyone loves the green color for a website, but Piney Orchard’s website is exceptionally done. We also love the assistant button on the lower right of the screen that makes it easy to contact the company.
roofing sitepineyorchardroofing.com

20. Dominion Roofing

Why it works: Very assuring yet non-intrusive pop-up on the home page for those who are worried about COVID-19 infection. Despite the amount of information, the layout never felt crowded or busy. All texts are easy to read.
best roofing website designdominionroofs.com


21. Scudder Roofing

Why it works: The hero area has a distinct style. A very visible phone number on the header and catchy graphics as you scroll. High-quality images were used especially in the portfolio area.
best roofing company websitesscudderroofing.com

22. RJW Exteriors

Why it works: The design of this site is intriguing and also very professional. Instead of the usual ‘free estimate’ form on most websites, a ‘no interest’ heading was also put up there to convince more visitors. Talking about a good impression!
RJW Exteriorsrjwcontracting.com

23. Don Kennedy Roofing Co.

Why it works: This website design had a bright, happy feel to it that made it seem very professional and informative. We adore how each concept is categorized into its own section. The navigation is also quite simple to use.
Don Kennedy Roofing Co.donkennedyroofing.com

24. Able Roof

Why it works: There’s a lot to love and applaud on this roofing web design. The header has a very practical red bar containing quick links like the Service Area button that leads to a google map. The ‘free estimate’ form to generate more leads is above the fold. The roofing services section is top-notch!
Able Roofableroof.com

best roofing company websites

25. Phil DiBello Family Roofing

Why it works: This is a wonderful website design with polygons as a graphic element. They displayed high ratings of happy customers. Overall, it was an interesting and immersive experience.
Phil DiBello Family Roofingphildibelloroofing.com

26. John Peters Roofing

Why it works: This roofing industry website design is well-executed, clean-looking, and very informational. The ‘free estimate’ option is also available as a sticky button on the right when potential customers scroll.
John Peters Roofingjohnpetersroofing.com

best roofing company website

27. Metro NYC Builders

Why it works: We appreciate how the geometric shapes were used to help us imagine a roof without actually seeing one. The roofing services and free consultation icons are also very bright and distinct.
Metro NYC Buildersroofingcompany.nyc

28. Kingdom Roofing Systems

Why it works: This roofing website design is picturesque in that it exudes strength and excellence. Despite its intimidating appearance, one can instantly tell the quality of their work and the outstanding services they provide.
Kingdom Roofing Systemskingdomroofingsystems.com

29. Titan Roofing

Why it works: This website’s branding is well integrated and balanced. The font used is also appropriate for the site’s overall design and feel. The additional scroll animations are a nice touch to this roofing website.
Titan Roofingtitanroofing.net

30. Roofing Matters Group

Why it works: While a lot of roofing companies showcase roofs on the hero area of their websites, RMG’s website is a good exemption. We also love the design simplicity of the site while making all buttons visually highlighted.
Roofing Matters Grouproofingmattersgroup.com

Top roofing web design

31. Douglass Colony

Why it works: A great website that utilized a clean layout, interesting visuals and appealing colors, this roofing website clearly communicates its purpose to visitors. In addition to these elements, high-resolution pictures have been used.
Douglass Colonydouglasscolony.com

32. Synergy Roofing & Construction

Why it works: We adore how this roofing web design is jam-packed with pictures, some of them even animated. The phrase “free inspection” on the quotation form will surely attract new customers.
best looking roofer websitesroofingneworleans.net

33. Northface Construction

Why it works: The site is a blue-and-yellow color scheme, but it’s done differently. We also appreciate the excellent characteristics such as the “free quotation” form for lead generation that is visible above the fold, the scrolling client logos, and the very dynamic layout.
Northface Construction

34. Phoenix Roofing & Remodeling

Why it works: Distinct and daring, this roofing web design is a good example of a clean design and effective content. Within the site also lies a lot of information for website visitors of all niches.
Phoenix Roofing and Remodelingphxrandr.com

Best roofing website design

35. ASAP Roofing & Exteriors

Why it works: Beautiful use of shapes to accentuate the branding, all without looking noisy. The Request Service form for lead generation is easily accessible above the fold. A gorgeous pop-up that doesn’t interrupt the user experience.
SAP Roofing and Exteriorsasaproofingandexteriors.com

36. Showalter Roofing Service

Why it works: This roofing website has a lot of cool and innovative features. Every page is attractive and fascinating even when viewing it on a mobile device. The huge menu is genuine in its dimensions!
Showalter Roofing Serviceshowalterroofing.com

37. South Side

Why it works: An interesting way to design a header. The phone number and ‘free estimate’ or free consultation CTAs are very visible. The flashes of animations and the subtle custom graphics all make this roofing company website have a strong brand authority.
best roofer web sitessouthsideroofinginc.com

38. Roofing Solutions

Why it works: Very informative without sacrificing usability and design. The chat feature is a strong addition to helping a prospective customer. The service pages and roofing projects are easily accessible through sticky navigation.
Roofing Solutionsroofingsolutionsllc.com

best looking roofing websites

39. Sheriff Goslin

Why it works: The logo is well-designed. There’s a button to switch to your available local area. The header has a phone number and Request a Quote, both of which are highlighted. Texts are quite light on the eyes.
best roofer web site designsherriffgoslin.com

40. Houston Roofing & Construction

Why it works: We love the generous availability of CTAs on this website which helps to generate leads. The request-a-quote form is also readily available above the fold. While the color scheme is also very ‘American’ if one’s feeling patriotic.
roofing websites for inspirationhoustonroofingonline.com


We hope you’ve found the roofing business examples we showcased today to be inspiring and informative. Whether you’re looking for the best roofing website design or simply want some inspiration, these 40 roofing websites are sure to provide it!

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