40 Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design

Websites are an important part of any law firm’s online marketing strategy to make their business grow. A visually appealing website is a powerful tool for digital marketing and lead generation. Your website can help make a good first impression on prospective clients. Potential clients will also be able to find your law firm and learn more about the bankruptcy law practice and the high ethical standards you offer.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best bankruptcy lawyer web design from around the web. We’ll also discuss some of the key features and technical aspects that make these bankruptcy law firms or legal websites stand out. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own new website, be sure to check out these examples!

1. Ellis & Winters LLP Attorneys at Law

Why it works: This attractive website design does not look like your typical bankruptcy law firm’s website. It has high-quality images, subtle yet effective animation, and a simple yet easy-to-grasp statement of purpose. The inner pages are well designed, easy to navigate, and feature quality images as well.
Ellis & Winters LLP Attorneys at Lawelliswinters.com

2. Bouhan Falligant, LLP

Why it works: Probably one of the best-looking bankruptcy lawyer web design, Bouhan, and Falligant’s website is elegant, modern, and well-structured. The spacing between design elements makes browsing the site a breeze. The combination of serif and sans-serif fonts also adds interest to the clients.
Bouhan Falligant, LLPbouhan.com

3. Hinkle Law Firm LLC

Why it works: The Hinkle Law Firm website features large fonts and an attractive color palette. The positioning of the text and clear calls to action as well as the main navigation makes the site striking and easy to use. The whole bankruptcy website design looks very professional.
bankruptcy law practice websitehinklaw.com

4. Raines Feldman LLP

Why it works: The homepage initially features a few statements about what they do but later on transitions into a clean and clear hero section with a simple statement and a find your attorney call to action. Scrolling a little, they showcase award and media logos, which build trust and help in their digital marketing strategy.
bankruptcy lawyersraineslaw.com

Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design

5. Regal Tax & Law Group, P.C.

Why it works: Regal Tax and Law Group’s bankruptcy attorney website features an attractive hero section with a deep emerald green color. It is a simple company site but gets the message to the clients easily. The next section of the homepage provides important information in a compelling way without the need to go into many of the inner pages. A free consultation button for prospective clients to get in touch is easily accessible.

bankruptcy law firmsregaltaxlaw.com

6. Robbins DiMonte Attorneys at Law

Why it works: Not similar to many bankruptcy law websites, Robbins DiMonte uses creative and consistently styled background images coupled with transition animated to get their primary message across to many clients and site visitors. The creative styling is also carried over to the inner pages.

bankruptcy attorneyrobbinsdimonte.com

7. Aravanis

Why it works: This bankruptcy lawyer website presents a friendly and uncomplicated web design emphasized by its choice of colors, images, and fonts. Furthermore, the content section contains easy-to-understand words and statements organized into sections.
law firms website inspirationaravanis.com.au

8. Alta Legal

Why it works: Alta Legal’s bankruptcy law website exudes a trustworthy impression through its use of photos of their actual attorneys in the hero section. They feature their locations in different cities and their services and practice areas. They also have a contact form on the homepage adjacent to award logos and memberships help generate leads or clients.
bankruptcy attorneysalta-legal.com

Bankruptcy Lawyer Websites

9. Watton Law Group

Why it works: The Watton Law Group’s bankruptcy lawyer website uses its brand logo creatively throughout the website by incorporating it with photos. The colors they used are consistent throughout the pages and the content-rich section is creatively sectioned using alternating dark and light colors with creative shapes.
bankruptcy law websitewattongroup.com

10. The Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A.

Why it works: The bankruptcy website of The Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A. is straightforward and sincere. It gets its message through the clients by using situational statements. Social proof is present throughout via testimonials, ratings, and social media posts and links. The content is also regularly updated with blog posts.
law practice websitedianedrain.com

11. Acker Warren P.C.

Why It Works: Acker Warren’s bankruptcy lawyer website features creative background patterns, section dividers, and fonts. Their creative website has a design not seen on most bankruptcy law firm websites. Great use of color and contrast, subtle hover animations, and creative page sections.
law practice siteackerwarren.com

12. Simon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn, LLP

Why it works: This website features large and bold heading texts, large clear photos, and well-ordered sections. The use of alternating dark and light sections and high contrast text-to-background ratio help organize the content providing an easy browsing experience to their target audience and prospective clients.
bankruptcy law sitespsr-law.com

Bankruptcy Lawyer Website Design

13. J. Doling Law, PC

Why it works: This website is very consistent with its color scheme. They also use their logo mark creatively in the hero section together with membership logos and review ratings. The bankruptcy or legal marketing services they provide are all listed on the homepage.
bankruptcy attorneys web sitejdl.law

14. Nixon Peabody

Why it works: Aside from videos on Nixon Peabody’s bankruptcy attorney website, they also feature cool animation effects, high contrast and large heading fonts, strong and clear calls-to-action buttons, and links. The inner pages are also well-designed with high-quality marketing images, strong and popping colors, good spacing, and the use of whitespace.

Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Websitesnixonpeabody.com

15. Reimer Law

Why it works: Reimer Law’s attorney website design is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, expertise, and elegance. The hero section is simple and straight to the point. The subtle parallax sections work well with the alternating boxed sections of text, links, and images.
law firms web sitereimerlaw.com

16. Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L.

Why it works: Strong messaging, creative images, and quality photos make this website a good example of bankruptcy lawyer web design. The non-scrolling homepage helps to emphasize its marketing goals, services, and messages. Links to certain pages, business locations, and contact information are easily accessed by the clients from the homepage of the bankruptcy website.
bankruptcy attorney siteklugerkaplan.com

Bankruptcy Attorney Web Design

17. Unruh Turner Burke & Frees

Why it works: Many images used on the hero image slider and inner page headers are photos of their actual team members and bankruptcy lawyers in their corporate attire. Aside from showing confidence and honesty, the photos also depict professionalism and trustworthiness which help generate more leads or more clients.
bankruptcy law firms web siteutbf.com

18. Marks Gray, P.A

Why it works: This website’s homepage and inner pages are clean, and sharp, and hardly use any color except black and white (aside from the images). The bankruptcy website is focused on highlighting and marketing not only their capabilities but also their experience and expertise in the bankruptcy law industry for more than a century.
bankruptcy lawyers web sitemarksgray.com

19. Keller Benvenutti Kim LLP

Why it works: This bankruptcy law firm website is clean, easy to use, formal, and very corporate. The sharp fonts, clear-cut lines, and top-notch photos are some of the positive aspects of this bankruptcy website. The burgundy color used as the primary color works well with the gray fonts and the white background.
bankruptcy law firmskbkllp.com

20. Law Firm James Purba & Partners

Why it works: This bankruptcy lawyer website from Indonesia tops many other lawyer websites here in the US in terms of design, ease of use, and overall functionality. From the professional fonts, quality imagery, and content organization, this website has what it takes to compete with many western bankruptcy law websites.
bankruptcy law firmjpplawyer.com

Bankruptcy Attorney Websites

21. Miller Thomson LLP

Why it works: Miller Thomson’s attorney website is very different from most bankruptcy law firm websites. It features an ever-visible navigation section front and center on the homepage web design. The images with colored filters work well with the large headings in each of the sections on the homepage.
bankruptcy attorneys sitemillerthomson.com

22. Kasowitz Benson Torres

Why it works: The majority of this website uses black and white for its images, background, and text. The angular shapes found around the website design are taken from their company logo. Accent colors in orange and yellow are used sporadically to signal clickable buttons and links.
attorney website design samplekasowitz.com

23. The Law Offices of Robert J Nahoum

Why it works: The website features a very clean and simple web design. The bankruptcy services they offer are immediately visible on the homepage which has a crucial role for a potential client who wants to know what the website is about right away. The photos used are high quality and professional looking.
bankruptcy lawyers websitenahoumlaw.com

24. Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP

Why it works: Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams LLP’s bankruptcy lawyer website is one of the more unique ones on this list. It features a very clean and minimal design with large photos and text. The blue and gray color scheme is also very eye-catching and different from most law firm websites.
bankruptcy lawyers website designbklwlaw.com

Bankruptcy Firm Web Design

25. Moran Law Firm

Why it works: Having a clear call to action on the homepage is always a good idea, and Moran Law Firm’s bankruptcy website does just that. The button “Get A Free Consultation” stands out and generates more leads and clients. And this company instantly strengthens its offer by highlighting its achievements such as being “Highest Rankings from Organizations”.
bankruptcy lawyers web site designmichiganbankruptcyfirm.com

26. Law Office of Steven A. Campanaro

Why it works: This bankruptcy law firm website features a modern and sleek design. The use of large photos, icons, and flat colors works well together. The fonts used are also large and easy to read.
sample bankruptcy lawyers sitecampanarolaw.com

27. Fischel & Kahn, LTD

Why it works: The website design is clean and corporate. The high-quality photos used in the header images emphasize professionalism and business expertise. The use of blue and gray colors throughout the site is also calming and easy on the eyes.
top bankruptcy lawyers sitefischelkahn.com

28. DelCotto Law Group PLLC

Why it works: The bankruptcy lawyer website has a team photo in the hero section which is a nice personal touch to the web design of the firm. The use of blue and gold colors works well together and creates a sense of luxury and expertise. The fonts used are also easy to read.
great bankruptcy lawyers websitedlgfirm.com

Bankruptcy Law Firms Web Design

29. The Bankruptcy Law Group LLC

Why it works: The bankruptcy lawyer website uses a creative image on the hero section with a large statement of purpose and clear call to action button. The area near the footer has their business contact information, a location map, and a contact form which is a good online marketing combo.
good bankruptcy lawyers website designslblawgroup.com

30. The Dolhancyk Law Firm

Why it works: The bankruptcy lawyer website uses a clean website design with a focus on the content. The use of blue and white colors is calming and easy on the eyes of the viewers and clients. The large fonts used are also easy to read.

31. Law Office of Alexander Korotkin, Esq.

Why it works: The hero section of this bankruptcy law firm’s website has a very slick hero image with a large statement of purpose. The content is well-organized and easy to read. The use of large and high-quality photos is also a nice touch in marketing their business to potential clients.


Why it works: The bankruptcy lawyer website design is very creative and modern. The use of yellow and blue colors is eye-catching and unique. The subtle animation effects add to a potential client or viewer’s interest.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Websites

33. McSwain Nagle Giese & Rapp, P.C.

Why it works: McSwain Nagle Giese & Rapp, P.C.’s website design features a very clean and minimal design. The services they offer are immediately visible on the homepage which is good for users and clients who want to know more about the bankruptcy process and law.

34. Tomei Law, P.C.

Why it works: This lawyer’s website design is clean and sleek. The use of blue and white colors is very professional. The contact form, business contact information, and location map are all prominently displayed near the footer which is very convenient for prospective clients and users.

35. Toronjo & Prosser Law

Why it works: Toronjo & Prosser Law is a bankruptcy law firm website that features all the information you need about bankruptcy on the homepage. They capitalize on local search engine optimization/SEO services for their marketing efforts, easy-to-read high-contrast fonts, and a clean business website.
great first impression website deisgnt-plaw.com

36. The Colpitts Law Firm

Why it works: This bankruptcy lawyer website uses a very corporate business design. The use of blue and gold colors is professional and calming. The fonts used are professional and easy to read. Image treatment is creative and professional compared to other firms.
good website design samplecolpittslawfirm.com

Web Design for Bankruptcy Lawyer

37. The Sexton Law Firm

Why it works: This firm use testimonials, layout its general strategy, and help new clients navigate different areas of their specialty business services. Sharp fonts, alternating light and dark sections, and subtle animation effects add charm to this bankruptcy attorney website.
bankruptcy law practice web designsexton.law

38. Jimerson Birr, P.A.

Why it works: The sections of this bankruptcy lawyer website are well-organized. The hero section is interesting with the video and animation. The sections also feature artistic and creative business headings and background patterns and shapes.
bankruptcy law practice web sitejimersonfirm.com

39. Law Firm of Seymour and Associates

Why it works: The elegant bankruptcy lawyer web design of the Law Firm of Seymour and Associates is also very corporate and gives off a professional vibe. The use of blue and its complement which is yellow works well with the white background.
Bankruptcy Lawyer website designseymourbankruptcylaw.com

40. Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

Why it works: The sticky left navigation in this website makes it easy for site visitors and clients to open pages and find the information they need. Despite this reducing the available space in the content area, the content is well organized.
Websites for Bankruptcy Lawyerobermayer.com


While there are many bankruptcy lawyer websites out there, these 40 examples represent a cross-section of what we believe to be the best of the best. From sleek and modern designs to more traditional and classic styles, there’s something here for everyone.

We hope this article has been helpful in giving you a better understanding of what goes into making an effective bankruptcy lawyer web design.

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