40 Best Private Equity Websites

Are you looking for some new private equity websites to explore? We’ve done the hard work of sifting through hundreds of them! Here are 40 of the best private equity websites from around the world, with our thoughts on what makes each unique.

1. Long Ridge

Why it works: The homepage features gorgeous geometric shapes mimicking the peak of a mountain range is what sets this web design unique and original. We also love the very professional yet bright colors that bring every element of the site to life.

Long Ridge


2. Sterling Partners

Why it works: This is one of the most unique-looking private equity firm’s websites we have seen, with its bold, contrasting texts and layout.

private equity firms website


3. Artemis

Why it works: The design of this website is very modern, with a clean and tidy layout that’s easy to skim. The team page is light and airy with an interesting alignment of the team photos.



Private Equity Web Design

4. Midstream Holdings

Why it works: While it’s hard to come up with a list of monochromatic websites that sell, we managed to spot one. Beyond the clever use of blue tones—which are admittedly very attractive–we also love its intuitive layout and large buttons.

Midstream Holdings website


5. Crestview

Why it works: One area where this website shines is the use of highly relatable imagery like actual people, which allows viewers to immediately grok what they do. The user experience feels fast and minimalistic; in other words, there’s a lot to love about it.

Crestview website


6. Sunwater Capital

Why it works: With the quick and smart-looking design, Sunwater’s website exudes a modern edge.

Sunwater Capital


7. Surge Private Equity

Why it works: Out of all the websites we’ve ranked, Surge Private Equity has the simplest website but looks professional and does a great job displaying its information in an easy-to-read format.

Surge Private Equity


Best Private Equity Websites

8. Emergence

Why it works: The website was easy to find content on, and navigation made it simple to fill in the information we needed.



9. Alpine

Why it works: Along with a range of private equity websites, we also listed the most unique. With Alpine’s website, it’s clear to see that not all firms need to have the same complex language and design to be effective.



10. Blackstone

Why it works: Blackstone’s website is a surefire example of how private equity firms should be represented. Elegant, oozing with confidence, and authoritative it resides in our list as the #1 site to visit if you want more information on investment opportunities.

Blackstone Private Equity website


Unique Private Equity Websites

11. TXV Partners

Why it works: The TXV Partners’ website distinguishes itself by using plenty of vibrant images, even in an industry as serious as private equity. The site had a lively and friendly look that’s convincing because it doesn’t sacrifice function or design.

TXV Partners


12. Brightwood

Why it works: Brightwood has a unique website that is great for those seeking to provide their brand’s story as well as incredible values.



13. J.F. Lehman & Company

Why it works: The best private equity websites are those that manage to keep it simple. This company does that on every page, with content laid out cleanly and coherently without looking unorganized or overcrowded.

private equity website sample


Private Equity Firm Websites

14. Post Road Group

Why it works: Among all the private equity websites out there, this one is notable for its modern and elegant design.

Post Road Group


15. LLR Partners

Why it works: In a market dominated by large, cumbersome websites, this site stands out for its simple and elegant design. We particularly enjoy the legible and friendly text that greets you at first glance.

LLR Partners


16. Apollo

Why it works: This is a short and compact website with lots of helpful features. It has an easy-to-navigate layout, informative blog posts about international trade and best practices for global investment management, and many educational resources to help you get the most out of their site.



Custom Private Equity Websites

17. Vista Equity Partners

Why it works: This private equity firm has a sleek and modern design, with an easy-to-use navigation bar and clear headers that help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

private equity firm


18. MK Capital

Why it works: The sleek design of this website has a mix of gray tones and red flashes that brings it to life. It also features modern typography for better readability.

MK Capital


19. Brynwood Partners

Why it works: This private equity website is a fun way to explore private equity options. The design is very diverse and dynamic, with lots of visual content for viewers to explore. What we like about the layout is that it appears simple on the surface but there’s plenty more just below the surface.

Brynwood Partners


Top Private Equity Websites

20. Varagon

Why it works: Dark yet elegant, Varagon features a moving background that brings life to the design. They are also one of the few sites that employ ultra-modern animations and other unique features.



21. Leonis Partners

Why it works: The website design of Leonis partners has a calming and convincing effect on the viewer, creating an environment that is in line with what they’re trying to convey.

Leonis Partners


22. Berkshire Partners

Why it works: We love this design because of how very mild it stays even with just a bit of styling. These colors are calm and you can read the texts from afar.

Berkshire Partners



23. LightBay Capital

Why it works: We love the simple and compact design of LightBay, as well as the abundance of good images.

LightBay Capital Private equity firm


24. IDG Capital

Why it works: IDG Capital’s website is relatively clean when compared to the others on this list – with a white space that ensures an elegant layout.

IDG Capital private equity website


25. Lightspeed

Why it works: Modern, sleek and snappy—it is hard to find three better words to describe this very inviting website. For a finance-related site, it’s difficult not to love the design that offers everything you need without being cluttered.



Private Equity Websites

26. Thoma Bravo

Why it works: Thoma Bravo is a private equity firm supporting experienced management teams and growing software and technology companies. The website has an excellent color scheme and a solid framework for layout design that’s equally pleasing and useful in structuring content.

Thoma Bravo


27. The Carlyle Group

Why it works: The Carlyle Group’s website design has a very original layout. It uses horizontal scrolling, subtle splashes of graphics, and smart storytelling to make this design great everywhere.

The Carlyle Group


28. Kempen

Why it works: This website has some decisions we may not agree with, but for the effort poured into the tiniest of details, this website design still deserves applause.



Best Private Equity Website

29. eFront

Why it works: Stripping down the unnecessary elements has resulted in a very soulful design, e.g., see the design of eFront’s website.



30. Riviera Capital

Why it works: This site has excellent use of typefaces to support their branding. The iconography also matches well with the overall feel of the design and function.

Riviera Capital


31. Belay Associates

Why it works: Extraordinary layout with a lot of information, but the homepage video element makes it stand out from other websites on our list. It has a friendly and airy feel that is welcoming to any visitor.

Belay Associates


Best Private Equity Design

32. AQR

Why it works: One advantage of this site design is the use of skinny elements, but what we really like about it are both the texts and graphics.



33. EQT

Why it works: Visuals are worth a thousand words and the best private equity websites use immersive graphics to tell their story.



34. Hermes GPE

Why it works: The design of the site is very vibrant with strong colors and an appealing choice in typeface that will engage users.

Hermes GPE


Private Equity Branding

35. Runway Growth Capital

Why it works: Runway’s website is attractive because with its strong contrasting colors and sections properly divided, it appears professional, elegant, and honest.

Runway Growth Capital


36. Montagu

Why it works: Montagu’s web design is fairly unique for a private equity website, as its main color scheme is composed primarily of magenta. Furthermore, it provides an engaging resource.




37. Silver Oak

Why it works: Silver Oak’s homepage is designed beautifully with green tones and soft pastels, which sets it apart from most other financial company’s websites.

Silver Oak


Highest Rated Private Equity Websites

38. Audax Private Equity

Why it works: The website of Audax Private Equity features a simple, sophisticated design without superfluous graphics. The homepage features a great video banner.

leading website screenshot


39. Visary Capital

Why it works: Apart from its beautiful design, the website also has interesting animations that work well with the greyscale tone and immerses you in their world. Portfolio companies are featured just below the banner.

Visary Capital


40. Graham Partners

Why it works: The homepage of Graham Partners allows visitors to access the most important pages of the site. The latest industry news are showcased on the homepage. Visitors can receive recent news to niche investment insights by subscribing to their daily newsletter.

Graham Partners



We hope you found this list of private equity websites helpful and that it gives you some ideas for your own site. Websites are a great way to show off your company to a potential institutional private equity investor, or managing partner to fund research tools. Your investments, corporate finance, business dealings, sector expertise, private transactions, and investment criteria can also be shown on your website.

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