40 Best Therapist Websites

There’s no shortage of therapist websites on the internet. In fact, it seems like every other website is a therapist’s office. So, how do you know which ones are worth your time?

To help you out, we’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the 40 best therapist websites not in a particular order. From individual therapists to therapy practices, these websites are guaranteed to inspire you.

1. SR Psychological Services

Why it works: The website of this licensed psychotherapist used visually pleasing photos and a consistent color scheme. Beautiful fonts, professional iconography, and a clear call to action button are always visible.

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2. Sian Quipp

Why it works: Consistent use of color in website elements and photos, ease of viewing due to large whitespace, social proof – testimonials and reviews, use of logos of professional membership/affiliation.

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3. L’espace Clinque de Psychologie

Why it works: Modern layout and section movement effects, lots of negative space accentuated with sharp edges, large full-width images alternating with solid blocks/sections, and chic and trendy modern fonts are all evident on this great therapist website.

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4. Rebecca Newton LMFT

Why it works: This therapist website focuses on the therapist and her work, with consistent and well-blended use of colors throughout, effective use of negative space making content easier to read, and a unique layout. This site is a great example of a marriage and family therapist that clients will love.

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5. Alexandria Art Therapy

Why it works: Professional-looking therapist website made friendly through the use of artistic design elements, the use of custom fonts for headings, informative, large, and full-blown footer section featuring their counseling services and therapists.

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6. Anna Salumbides

Why it works: High-quality images throughout this great therapist website, unique heading, readable content fonts, e-commerce integration, clear and specific statement of purpose, and hand-drawn design elements add a personalized effect.

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7. Bloom Counseling

Why it works: A great website that uses big and bold heading fonts, large rounded buttons and call to action links, well contrasting and appropriate colors that match the feminine theme of images and web design elements used.

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8. Transformative Coaching

Why it works: This great therapist website is professional but has a playful feel – brought about by the use of curved web design elements, serif fonts, text container overlaid on images, effective use of whitespace for added readability, large visible action buttons.

family therapist


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9. Rehab Dynamics Physical Therapy

Why it works: Text and call to action button, use of social proofs with photos and testimonials – actual people – actual testimonials, friendly, active, and bright colors, full-blown footer section are all ideal for a great therapist website this site contains. The footer containing all their services and specialties is a great call.

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10. Bryant Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

Why it works: This therapist’s website is easy to understand and use with its clear layout. It uses a consistent color scheme, large fonts, and icons. The call-to-action buttons are always visible. The use of client testimonials is a powerful tool to gain more clients.


11. World Physiotherapy

Why it works: Modern web design look compared to other therapists’ websites, animated impact section highlights this great therapist company’s capability, large and easy-to-read content font, easy-to-understand call-to-action buttons, mission statement, and menus.


12. ATI Physical Therapy

Why it works: This therapist website has big and bold headings especially on the landing page, effective and consistent use of the red and black color scheme throughout the website, use of actual photos of people and facilities, quality clients and therapists photos, updated content, informative inner pages.


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13. Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic

Why it works: The inclusion of a virtual tour of their facilities, use of custom web design graphical elements, uniformity of team photos on the team page, and inner pages especially their blog post are packed with informative content giving potential clients and website visitors a great experience. Their private practice and services are easily found.


14. Physiotools

Why it works: This therapist website has a nice looking header and navigation section, large areas of negative space, full-screen content left to right, use of language options dropdown makes it easier for different clients to understand the texts on the site, and shopping cart integration


15. Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

Why it works: Bolder and larger fonts were used on key areas of the website, icons were used to add visual appeal and contrast, strong use of whitespace makes the web pages easy to read and understand, photos show people of different ethnicity which is good for inclusivity. The inclusion of award logos makes this great therapist website trustworthy.


16. SwimEx

Why it works: This therapist’s website uses big fonts for easy readability, photos and videos are used to show their private practice and services in action, ghost buttons were used for the call-to-action areas, use of bright colors makes the website playful but not feeling overwhelmed.


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17. Southern California Counseling Center

Why it works: Unique image treatment not only on the home page but on the entire website – mixing illustrations with photos, navigation and call to action button are always visible, consistent use and application of color palette


18. Thriveworks

Why it works: A counseling website that has clear and concise call-to-action buttons, use of forms for potential clients to book an appointment or get more information about their private practice and services, use of client testimonials as a way to build trust, and inclusion of a chatbot function is helpful.


19. Couples Learn

Why it works: Modern look compared to most therapy websites, engaging layout, focus on the therapists highlighted also by their smiling portraits, use of large and rounded buttons, and elements with rounded corners. Counseling services and therapy are easily accessible.


20. Individual & Relationship Therapy Center

Why it works: Use of quality photos, use of alternating dark and light sections adds to content organization, large call-to-action buttons, contact information, and location map visible on all pages. Their therapy services like family therapy, individual therapy, and couples counseling are easily seen and favorable for their clients.


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21. Millennial Life Counseling

Why it works: This counseling website has a modern web design with a focus on content, photos show the target market – millennials, the use of gradient colors makes the site youthful, call to action buttons are big and easily seen. The inclusion of their blog is a great way to show potential clients that the therapists know what they’re talking about.


22. Theraphe Men’s Counseling

Why it works: This counseling website uses minimal color, consistent alignment of elements – centered in this case, the inclusion of membership logos, and overall website design targeted to male site viewers and clients.


23. Ground Work Play Therapy

Why it works: This play therapy website uses big and bright photos with children to show the target market, clear call-to-action buttons, use of icons and vibrant colors to highlight important sections, and easy navigation. The overall website design is fun but still professional.



24. Tula Spa

Why it works: Fashionable website feel all throughout, beautiful images on the hero section, effective use of white space that helps break or differentiate sections from one another, and unique call-to-action buttons.


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25. City Touch Licensed Massage Therapy

Why it works: This therapist website uses an elegant color theme, prices of therapy services listed on each service page, a detailed gift certificates page, and the carousel of facility images featured on the about page.


26. North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Why it works: This therapist website has well-organized content despite the many pages of information available, logo, and heading font geared towards clientele – children in this case.


27. Talkspace

Why it works: Modern and up-to-date website design, consistent use of colors all throughout, effective use of different sized fonts for easy browsing, clean over all look and feel.


28. Benchmark Physical Therapy

Why it works: This therapist website uses nice and large images, creative use of icons, large and readable content text for clear messaging, easy-to-browse inner pages, and consistent use of a color palette.


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29. Pivot Physical Therapy

Why it works: Large readable fonts with high contrast background, effective combination of the red, white, and blue colors which is often hard to combine.


30. USPh Physical Therapy

Why it works: Professional look, thoughtfully positioned hero section headings in relation to images, nice sticky navigation transition, updated content – press releases and reports. Inclusion of stats for added credibility


31. Empower Physical Therapy

Why it works: Large and sharp images, clear and readable fonts, home page sections separated by alternating light and dark backgrounds, the inclusion of client reviews, “Free Assessment” call to action emphasized well

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32. American Physical Therapy Association

Why it works: Use of diagonal shapes in different sections of the page which is smartly based on their logo shape, large heading fonts, gradient colors used in the background, shapes, and heading fonts

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33. Online Therapy

Why it works: Large full-width images and content, large spacing between website elements, nice transition animation on a scroll, well-organized content despite the long scroll, nice hover animation effects.

online therapist website


34. Impact Physical Therapy

Why it works: Bold colors, large fonts, service-related video background on the hero section, the inclusion of certification logos, embedded google reviews, and use of actual images of their people and facilities makes this therapist website one of the best.

Physical therapist websites


35. Kristin Zeising

Why it works: Clean fonts, easy and relaxing colors, embedded videos within the inner pages, updated content, a nicely designed logo which reflects a soft vibrant, and friendly nature.

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36. Redbud Physical Therapy

Why it works: Creative layout of website elements in each section, effective contrast between each section, effective positioning of images with respect to their description text, very informative inner pages.

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37. Rejection Therapy

Why it works: Unique section heading fonts, use of social proof in the form of featured on logos, sample video included in homepage, effective use of black color to emphasize class and elegance.

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38. Open Path

Why it works: All white background to emphasize content, spot-on alignment of elements and content, the design conveys a sense of professionalism as supported by the high contrast and minimal use of color.



39. Gordon Moody

Why it works: The content of this therapy website is well-written and easy to understand. Contrasting colors for different sections, use of large fonts, effective use of icons, easy to browse, very informative website

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40. Dotcom Therapy

Why it works: This therapy website has a modern layout, is colorful yet controlled, friendly vibe – rounded elements, large white spaces, large and easy to read fonts, easy to navigate, clear call to actions, informative inner pages

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While there are many great therapist websites out there, these 40 examples represent a cross-section of what we believe to be the best of the best. From sleek and modern designs to more traditional and classic styles, there’s something here for everyone.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from these therapist website examples! If you’re looking for more inspiration for your own site, be sure to check out our post on other best websites. Thomas Digital offers beautiful, custom-designed websites for therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals. Our team of expert designers will work with you to create a website that perfectly represents your brand and conveys your unique message. Learn more about our services or contact us today to get started.