Biomedical Web Design

Biomedical Web Design

Companies that market biomedical products and services require a versatile website with easy navigation. Biomedical suppliers often market to diverse groups. You could find yourself reaching out to hospitals, universities, and even maintenance technicians. Plus, most biomedical companies deal in both products and services. Therefore, biomedical web design, while B2B, almost has a B2C feel about it.

Because the medical industry often deals with life and death situations, your website should provide them with the information they need to make quick decisions. In other words, your biomedical web design should be fast, efficient, and to the point. Time is critical, and your clients need the best possible solution to their problem, and they need it quickly.

Identify Primary & Secondary Customers

One of the primary challenges of biomedical web design is helping your visitors navigate quickly to the services they require. To do this, you first need to identify those users and their needs.

  • Clients Requiring Biomedical Supplies
  • Visitors Looking for Biomedical Equipment
  • Companies Needing Equipment Service or Training
  • Others

Telling the right story to each of your user types is the key to your website’s success. Each group has a different set of requirements that a web planner focusing on the user experience (UX) should allow for during the design planning stage.

Without a good UX Design Process, your biomedical site won’t flow well or provide the information your user seeks. So, any marketing effort that went into getting them to your site in the first place is for naught. They will just give up and go elsewhere.

We create all our biomedical web designs with the user experience as a top priority.

Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates

Not all biomedical businesses are alike, so neither are our biomedical sites. There are several things to consider.

  • What type of products or services do you supply?
  • Where are you located?
  • Who will be seeking your services?
  • What do you offer your customers that others don’t?

We ask these questions and more before we ever begin designing your website. Every site is 100% custom made so that you won’t find another website like yours anywhere on the web. That includes layout, text, or images.

Automation and Integration

As we stated before, time is often critical when working with medical facilities. To service clients quicker, our biomedical web design includes a higher level of sophistication regarding integration. Capture leads in a database and then send automated responses to engage further with your prospects.

Communicate with your clients more quickly with integrated forms and questionnaires. Give them access to technical data and maintain a list of FAQs that could allow them to get their equipment back online or even order critical supplies directly from your site.

Function and Purpose

We’ve detailed some of the ways your web design can meet the needs of your clients. However, without proper web development, we could never achieve these goals. It is imperative that a biomedical website has a sound technical foundation. Therefore, our emphasis is on speed and security.

All websites must be mobile-friendly. The faster and more efficiently a site loads on mobile devices, the higher that site will rank in the search engines and the easier it is for your clients to find critical information.


Companies, that market to prestigious institutions and other businesses, need to show a level of professionalism that extends to their websites. We know this and strive to make our biomedical web design of the highest caliber possible.

Communicate Visually

We’ve found that telling a story visually through custom graphics and diagrams works well to convey technical data. Since most biomedical companies either supply or service machinery, we understand the need for technical information and pictures.

We will work with you turn your information into visually appealing technical diagrams that will be easily understood by technical and non-technical people alike.

Web Design That Is Easy to Maintain

We train you how to maintain and edit your website. You do not need dedicated IT personnel to make change or post content, and if necessary, we are always just a phone call away, available to help with any changes you might wish to make.

Thomas Digitial Design is a full-service web design, development, and marketing agency. We handle all aspects of your biomedical web design from planning, through implementation, and maintenance. Our goal is to create a custom biomedical web design that attracts, converts, and retains customers for your business.

Free Mock-Up of Your Biomedical Web Design

Most businesses need to speak the language of their clients and project a professional image. Normally, they are too busy with their industry to take the time for web design. We know this and can help. Let us take the burden of programming and web mechanics off your plate. There is no risk. We show you exactly what your biomedical web design will look like before you ever sign or pay for a thing.

That’s right. There is no hassle and no risk. What do you have to lose? To find out what’s possible, check out our Free Mockup Offer.