45 Best Law Firm
Web Design Examples
you’ve probably never seen

Who wants to see boring generic examples of law firm website design that all look the same? Not us!

We’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you great looking examples of law firm websites that are unique, original and stunning. So bask in the joy of these great examples.

1. Arnold & Itkin LLP

Why it works: Outstanding graphics and animations, and lots of website effects to go with the design.
law firm website design


2. Thompson Knight

Why it works: The showcase of case studies and quotes upfront creates an unparalleled credibility to the firm.



3. Gecic Law

Why it works: Amazing videography as background

law firm website design


4. Horea Crisan

Why it works: The grunge look and the strong stylish serifs give the site a very cinematic feel


5. Aharoni Business Law

Why it works: Catchy and striking tagline on hero section, friendly colors and icons, clear and easy contact right in the homepage

law firm website design


6. Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand and Prout

Why it works: A perfect blend of contrasting colors and minimalism


7. Counsel for Creators

Why it works: Targeted to the creative industry, this site design shows that it’s nowhere behind the industry trends

law firm website design


8. Foundd Legal

Why it works: Cosy, fun, well-ventilated design


9. Procopio

Why it works: Strong contrast between elements, elegant photos


10. Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Why it works: The website rightfully starts with a virtual consultation

law firm website design


11. Cleary Gottlieb

Why it works: Literary-newspaper style


12. Jaszczuk

Why it works: Strong unique branding with tons of bright modern colors

law firm website design


13. Studinski Law

Why it works: Design is focused on showing solutions to real-life situations


14. Hop Good Ganim

Why it works: Beautiful imagery, not loaded with too much information

law firm website design


15. Audet & Partners

Why it works: Clearly defined practice areas, very visible consultation form, informative footer


16. Ylaw Group

Why it works: Use of unusual yet fun images to provoke interest and create story


17. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Why it works: Very cinematic/theatrical effect, creating strong interest

law firm website design


18. DAHL

Why it works: Interesting out-of-the-box layout


19. Kasowitz Benson Torres

Why it works: Their tagline “creative. Aggressive. Relentless” totally matches their website design

law firm website design


20. Axiom Law

Why it works: Bright, airy, beautiful, and vivid for an overall modern yet cosy feel


21. Foot Anstey

Why it works: Strong contrasting elements against a strong red color creates a unique personality for the site



22. Slinde Nelson

Why it works: Simple, contrasty, and creates a sense of urgency to resolution

law firm website design



23. Marrone Law Firm LLC

Why it works: Site design shows an extensive effort to cater information like no other



24. Oyen Wiggs

Why it works: Generous amount of good graphics and moving pictures

law firm website design



25. Bicklaw LLP

Why it works: Smart move to put the animals to the center stage, which is actually their main area of practice



26. White Harris

Why it works: Amazing graphics and very elegant animations



27. Orent Law Offices

Why it works: Dark theme UI, badge adds credibility

law firm website design



28. West Coast Trial Lawyers

Why it works: Very professional. Shows stability and credibility



29. Cleantech Law Partners

Why it works: Simple but effective rendition of a modern tech feel on a website, good-looking graphics and elements, navigation pull-out stands out very well



30. MacLean Law

Why it works: Big in-your-face declaration of what they do, interesting video

law firm website design


31. Freeburg Law

Why it works: Website design felt very personal and straightforward



32. RBE

Why it works: Highly minimalistic with gold touches

law firm website design



33. Turks Legal

Why it works: Love the strong black and white imagery



34. Small Law

Why it works: Not overselling, not overly blemished, but still potentially attractive



35. Cycle Advocates

Why it works: Intuitive infographic on the ‘Advocacy Cycle’ section, interesting addition of minimal graphics that complement the overall feel of the site

law firm website design



36. Stanchieri Family Law

Why it works: Dark, minimal yet very impactful



37. Miles & Stockbridge

Why it works: Design felt ‘free’ of constraints, and very straightforward, while staying informative enough for first time visitors

law firm website design



38. Staver

Why it works: Contrasting red and dark theme creates a very serious look, while staying credible because of the amount of information all throughout the page



39. The Law Practice

Why it works: Very warm and welcoming space for legal matters

law firm website design


40. Ogilvie Law

Why it works: Big bold elements and images create a very strong personality of the website


41. Aulich

Why it works: Unusual but highly interesting layout with huge splashes of color on different practice areas


42. Wolford Wayne

Why it works: Very clear and readable texts all over, CTAs easy to find all throughout, good use of sidebar in inner pages for easy navigation

law firm website design


43. W3IP Law

Why it works: Unusual above the fold layout matches the areas of practice they cater to


44. Lipsky Lowe

Why it works: Clean design, with information that’s easy to the eyes


45. The National Law Board

Why it works: Minimalistic with more focus on geometry and typography

law firm website design



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