40 Best Personal Injury Websites

We’ve searched high and low to find the Best Personal Injury Websites out there. According to Hubspot, 97% of people learn more about a local company via the internet. That includes law firms and attorneys focusing on personal injury. Your website is your digital storefront and having a sticking design is key to generating new clients. Listed below are 40 of the best personal injury lawyer websites out there to give you inspiration for your next web design project.

1. Barket Epstein

Why it works: This website’s design has a really strong hero section, creative graphics, a catchy header, and an effective layout.

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2. The Florida Law Group

Why it works: We love the strong bold graphics, the vivid blue color that conveys a lot of credibility, and the scattered elements that demonstrate their success and their results.


3. Staver Accident Injury Lawyers

Why it works: Despite being out of the box, this website design gave a very clean and professional impression. Regardless of the generous amount of information, this website is truly a winner due to the excellent layout, color scheme and strong beautiful graphics.


Personal Injury Websites

4. Kaiser Hafezi Law

Why it works: The classic combination of blue and orange/yellow-gold is applied to a well-constructed personal injury website. It also has a simple and clean structure that is easy for people of various ages to understand.

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5. The McClellan Law Firm

Why it works: A great website design that meets or exceeds all of the criteria in the list: typography, colors, branding, images, content. The overall atmosphere of the website leaves a long-lasting impression on visitors.


6. Zaner Harden Law

Why it works: The design of this website is gorgeous enough to rank on everyone’s list. It has excellent typography, a great theme, and a layout that deserves every designer’s attention.


7. West Coast Trial Lawyers

Why it works: The website is well-designed and professional. Because of their excellent online ratings, the the firm’s credibility is apparent. It’s very informative, with key details for every visitor who comes to the site.


8. Gomez Trial Attorneys

Why it works: Serious, professional, and bold—three words that best describe the website of the Gomez Firm. A dark color scheme for a law firm website isn’t common, and this website did it beautifully.

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Best Personal Injury Websites

9. Grossman Law Offices

Why it works: The design felt very authoritative just by the looks of it. The website has beautiful colors without sacrificing contrast. It also has great typography, professional-quality photos and images, and a contact form everyone can easily access.


10. Marrone Law Firm

Why it works: Another great item in the list, Marrone Law Firm’s website features a very mouth-watering design with gorgeous animations. The coding done here is excellent. Try to hover your pointer on the two lawyers at the hero section!


11. Jackowiak Law Offices

Why it works: Although a brown color scheme isn’t every designer’s fantasy, it can make an incredible impact when done correctly, as is the case with this website. What we love particularly also on the website is it’s attempt to assure its visitors of their high chance of winning cases.


12. Knutson & Casey

Why it works: A very effective layout that creates a lasting impression. The use of geometric shapes, big bold texts, and a bright color scheme all add to the brand they try to impart.

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13. Flanagan Law Firm

Why it works: One of the cleanest layout and design in the list, Flanagan’s website has a very professional color scheme with content that are beautifully structured for everyone.


Personal Injury sites

14. Ziff Law Firm

Why it works: With big bold fonts and striking images, this personal injury website design has a compact layout without letting visitors miss any essentials.


15. Kanoski Bresney

Why it works: The website design of Kanoski Bresney has one of the catchiest color schemes we can find. The resulting contrast is top-notch, without sacrificing readability and ease of use.


16. Davis Law Group

Why it works: The use of an actual courtroom image is very dramatic and realistic to visitors. Great photography with a variety of layout for every section.

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17. Robert Sparks Attorneys

Why it works: A very striking hero area that features big numbers portraying the serious results they are in. The website also includes bursts of visuals and images that go well with their brand.


18. Cross & Smith, LLC

Why it works: This website design has one of the most beautiful hero sections we could find, with a contact form upfront, live chat features, and just the right amount of images.


Personal Injury sites for inspiration

19. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Why it works: Very well invested in great photography, modern and classy without compromising professionalism, the navigation of the website is top-notch.

personal injury websites


20. Bronstein & Carmona

Why it works: In terms of design, this website stands out. What we appreciate most is the beautiful header that complements their logo and branding.


21. Affleck & Barrison

Why it works: This is another excellent example of a well-designed and structured website. This design organizes all of the information in manageable chunks.


22. Searcy Law

Why it works: The website may be lengthy, but it has a variety of sections with elements that break up the monotony and make the site as a whole feel lively and engaging. CTAs are also not lacking throughout the layout.

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23. Parris

Why it works: A strong description of what they do and how they can assist. The website’s structure is smart, with sections within sections.


Personal Injury Websites

24. HH&K

Why it works: Though this website looks simple and short, what we appreciate most is that they stuck to the basics while still keeping aesthetics, not to mention they employed their own high-quality visuals.


25. Ansbacher Law

Why it works: The badge and logo strip beneath the hero gives it an intriguing sense of trust. Users who are into specific injury concerns will find this website intuitive.

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26. Price Law

Why it works: With subtle animations throughout the site, the website is actually simple but visually appealing. Their use of original images is a huge plus, too.


27. Sheffield & Lentine

Why it works: Very minimalistic and clean website design with just the right amount of content. It strips away all those unnecessary elements to facilitate viewers in getting the help they need.


28. Hirsch Lyon Accident Law

Why it works: There’s a lot to love about this personal injury website design. It has a ‘glowing’ free claim review button at the top right area of the page, clear contact information in header, and a well-laid content that didn’t feel overpowering.


Best Personal Injury Sites

29. Goldstein & Orr

Why it works: A strong hero introduces the website to everyone. The “honors and awards” section is fascinating in that it appears to be a wall full of awards.

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30. Louthian Law Firm

Why it works: Another minimalistic website that focuses on typography and substance; the rest are just ornaments to promote their services.


31. Sky Law Group

Why it works: This space is bright and airy, with lovely contrasting color schemes. The subtle transition animations on certain components give life to this otherwise loaded-content.


32. Urban Thier & Federer

Why it works: Despite the standard look and layout, this website design used a somewhat uncommon color scheme and turned it into a masterpiece. Also love the big bright phone numbers up top.

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33. Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand and Prout

Why it works: Very creative entrance animation. The site’s layout is well-designed and easy to browse. Shapes and graphics are used effectively throughout the site.


Best Personal Injury Sites

34. Dolman Law Group

Why it works: The design and structure are both fantastic, with great iconography. The phone number is big enough for everyone to see, as well as the sticky header, which is helpful without being obtrusive.


35. New Braunfels

Why it works: The attorney’s specialty is easy to spot from just the top of the page. Aside from the FREE Case Review in the hero area, we appreciate how accessible and pleasant the whole design is.

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36. The Sawaya Law Firm

Why it works: The website’s design is also very pleasant to the eyes, with easy-to-read text. Everything in the design is well defined and clear.


37. Feldman Kronfeld & Beatty

Why it works: An exceptionally catchy website that is both fascinating and minimalistic.

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38. Cuming & Gillespie

Why it works: This website’s unusual color scheme, while being surprisingly beautiful and functional is worth mentioning in this list.

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Personal Injury Websites

39. Laureti & Associates

Why it works: A very well-thought design from top to bottom. The video in the hero section is outstanding and very professional. The layout of the rest of the website is simple and informational.

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40. Gunter Firm

Why it works: What makes this website design so catchy is it’s inclusion of a lot of contrasting colors and elements, with CTA’s that pop out just enough to catch people’s attention. The footer of the site is also beautifully laid out.

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The best personal injury websites that we’ve found are a mix of professional and creative. Our team has also provided some helpful tips to take into consideration when designing your own website. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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