40 Best Medical
Website Designs

Looking for the latest in Medical Website Design? We’ve got you covered. We’ve searched far and wide to bring you 40 best medical websites for website design inspiration. Feast your eyes!

1. Zocdoc

Why it works: One can find a lot of good stuff in this website design. To name a few: modern interface and typography, easy-to-use interactive elements, cute icons!


2. Michigan Avenue Primary Care

Why it works: This facility’s website makes it utterly easy for all visitors to find all the necessary information like contact details and appointment scheduling, all while looking professional and pleasing to the eyes.


3. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Why it works: From the logo to those moving blobs, we can all say that this website is crafted beautifully down to the pixel. We really admire how friendly and easy-to-use this website is.


4. Olathe Health

Why it works: What makes this website design so catchy is the 4 boxes right on the hero area where current and potential patients can find helpful in answering their needs.


5. Rest Assured

Why it works: For a website offering services for seniors and PWD, this design features top-notch accessibility features such as strong clean contrasts between texts and .elements, highly-visible buttons, and a basic but intuitive user experience


6. Vidant Health

Why it works: Very helpful sidebar in the hero section, header navigation easy to the eyes, colorful graphics and icons, clean interface


7. Mercy Health

Why it works: This website design is all about dynamics. It breaks every section or idea into chunks of different layout styles. The use of colors also makes the experience fun and tactile.


8. One Medical

Why it works: One Medical has a website that has an unfamiliar yet very modern look and feel. The use of those chic iconography makes a unique personality to their branding.


9. Mayo Clinic

Why it works: One Medical has a website that has an unfamiliar yet very modern look and feel. The use of those chic iconography makes a unique personality to their branding.


10. Nicholson Center

Why it works: With a sleek and clean design, Mayo Clinic’s website seems to focus on providing quality information to visitors and patients having specific inquiries. Their move of stripping away unnecessary elements pushes the website’s content to the front.


11. Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

Why it works: A simple-looking website but has a lot of tricks in its sleeves. We love the subtle animations that bring the website to life. The accordion section on the homepage is a very unique and modern touch to the overall design.


12. SR Psychological Services

Why it works: A modern and trendy website design with beautiful animations and transitions. One cannot miss the gorgeous imagery they used throughout the site.


13. GMED

Why it works: With the right choice of font faces and soft color to go along, this website has a very specific mood that makes visitors feel welcome and at ease.


14. Genentech

Why it works: An ultra-modern website design with fancy animations and illustrations. GMED is really trying to shake the ground here with this out-of-the-box design.


15. North Shore Pediatrics

Why it works: Winning some prestigious awards, this website landing page features a timeline with animations and graphics splattered all over. What’s also surprising is how it manages to work on mobile phones!


16. The Downtown Sports Clinics

Why it works: A perfect entry for those who are into pediatrics, this website has colors and graphics every people would love. People who visit this website will surely find the navigation very intuitive.


17. Cerveau Technologies

Why it works: Very refreshing to the eyes and the user experience, links of services generously listed upfront, clear and comprehensive navigation


18. PRA Health Sciences

Why it works: Despite the mysterious yet interesting hero area, this website design is very professional to people of different sectors. We also love how the design managed to make the big chunks of texts into blocks of useful information that don’t get in the way of user experience.


19. Source of Health

Why it works: Despite the simplicity of the layout, this website design has a very clean and minimal layout with vivid colors that makes it look modern. The slider of the homepage is also sleek and trendy.


20. Intermountain Healthcare

Why it works: Unique and modern graphics complemented with colored gradients make this website design original and worth remembering.


21. Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Why it works: The homepage design and layout of this website is true to be a cradle of every page a visitor might look for. All contents were practically suspended or trimmed to shorten the time for visitors to quickly find what they might need.


22. TPC Systems

Why it works: One of the most easy-to-use website layouts in this list. We also love the good choice of typeface that makes the website look friendly and accessible to everyone.


23. Synergy

Why it works: If you are looking for Safety Solutions, one huge item in your checklist would be the trustworthiness pictured in a company’s website. Trust is the #1 impression one can easily derive from this website design.


24. Cleveland Clinic

Why it works: Going for physical therapy sessions should put you in a downhearted mood; this website design makes you feel like you’re about to go to the gym and grow your energy levels!


25. Northwestern Medicine

Why it works: High-quality images, clean navigation and header, a special section for ‘patients’ and ‘doctors’, offer of virtual visits


26. Emkiro

Why it works: This website may not be the most appealing, but that’s not tantamount to saying it’s boring. In fact, it has sections broke into chunks based on functionality.


27. Mount Sinai

Why it works: What sets this website design apart is the creative use of icons and other graphics to further boost the presence of the brand.


28. JC Medical

Why it works: This website features a lot of useful tools and interactive elements to quickly aid visitors and patients, all in a compact and intuitive layout.


29. NextCare

Why it works: Another modern website design that employs quality illustrations and graphics to help portray what they do or offer. The site also uses whitespace very effectively.


30. Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

Why it works: It’s always a cliché to use different colors for websites that deal with children. However, this particular design has those familiar colors without looking too crowded or overwhelming. The use of those big icons above the fold is a welcome advantage.


31. Ascension

Why it works: We love the very clean and minimal design, with a focus on CTAs, particularly the ‘schedule an appointment’ button. Long paragraphs are also put into sections for easier reading.


32. West-Com

Why it works: A lot of medical websites are boring and use the same color scheme here and there, but West-Com’s website reinvigorates the trend by using different splashes of colors to create interest.


33. Upswing Health

Why it works: Minimal, unobtrusive, sleek — 3 words that best describe this website design.


34. NY Group for Plastic Surgery

Why it works: High-quality images, modern layout, paragraphs and headings are easy to read, sticky ‘contact us’ button at the bottom right of the screen


35. NYU Langone Health

Why it works: Clean and very professional-looking website design. We really appreciate the ’emergency care wait times’ feature visible upfront. The design is also generous with high-quality images, too.


36. Falmouth Pediatric Associates

Why it works: Generous amount of colors while maintaining that clean look, compact design without sacrificing content, authentic and friendly images


37. Baptist Health

Why it works: High-quality and interesting images, fantastic header, essentials and urgent care tools are easily available and intuitive to use


38. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Why it works: What we particularly love in this design is the instant availability of tools for finding a doctor, making an appointment, and finding locations. The very clean interface generates a calm and trusting feel to their brand.


39. The Oaks Plastic Surgery

Why it works: A very cool black-and-white website with the use of blue as the accent/highlight color. We also love the small video clips used to better portray the results of their services.


40. Rush University Medical Center

Why it works: This design makes us remember the website of TripAdvisor because they somewhat share the same feel and theme. But it is of course a welcome statement because of how pleasing the user experience is on this website.