Spy On Your Competing Websites

Here are 3 FREE resources you can use to gain insight into competing websites. You’ll find out important information you can use to your advantage.

  • How much traffic do they get each month?
  • What is the demographic of their audience?
  • Which other websites are related to them?
  • What are their ranking keywords?
  • Who is linking back to their site?

Best of all – this information is free!

How to Spy On Competing Websites

Below is a list of websites that report on webpages. By accessing the information on your competition, you can see what they are doing versus what you do. Use that information to focus your SEO and SEM strategies. Also, look for niche audiences that you might not have tapped into yet. Resources for finding out information about competing websites:

Resources for finding out information about competing websites:


Find out everything you need to know about your competitor’s audience. Who are they? Where do they live? What type of lifestyle do they lead? Knowing the answers to these questions helps you identify untapped resources and ways to reach them.


Download your competitor’s keywords and find out which ones are the most profitable. Why are they ranking? What markets are they tapping into? How can you compete in those markets?

Compare their keywords to yours and see if you can identify your value proposition. This is what YOU offer that they don’t. Knowing your unique value proposition means you can target additional audiences and reduce competition.


Backlinks increase a website’s visibility in the search results. Find out who is connecting to your competition. Are they purchasing backlinks? Do they participate in forums or online directories? If it works for them, could it possibly work for you?

Check out this blog article where we talk about using backlinks and forums to increase website traffic.

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