Month: March 2017

Get Leads from Your Website with Targeted Offers

Do you have a website that doesn’t bring you as many leads, you would like? Would you like to know how to get leads on a regular basis? The answer lies with your offer. When you use directed content, you narrow your audience. Done correctly, you then eliminate all but the most promising leads. How […]

The Top 3 Ways to Decide on the Best Domain Name

Have you wondered how to choose a domain name for your business? Some people spend hours trying to come up with the perfect phrase. Others just punch in words until they find one that’s available. What about those that try to be clever? You’ve seen them – a dog walking business named Pawsitively Marvelous or […]

The 22 Best Free Stock Photo Websites

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these days most stock photo websites bring one word to mind. Meh. Or perhaps blah. In any case, it’s hard to find great looking stock photos. It’s even more difficult to find great looking stock photos that are FREE! Paying for photos every time you […]

Tips to Keep SEO Rank While Updating Your Website Design

Redesign Website Without Losing SEO If you’re looking to redesign your website but are scared to do so because you might lose SEO rank, then read on. This article was written just for you. Have you ever heard of the website Plenty of Fish? The guy who built the site was developing it as an […]

Rejected! Gallery of our Free Mockups that didn’t work out

People often wonder if our Free Mockup Offer is legit. It is. We custom design mockups for all qualified potential clients. First, we send you a detailed Website Questionnaire to get a full understanding of your business, your customers, and your design needs. This Questionnaire includes things like other sites you like the look and feel […]

Why don’t I get leads from my website?

Website Lead Generation Not getting any leads from your website? Wondering why that is? In this article, we will go over in checklist fashion some key things that might be holding your website back from turning website visitors into leads. People are not finding what they are looking for Here’s how I think of a […]