Month: January 2018

Why Cheap Websites Are a Waste of Money

Business owners need to keep an eye on their bottom line. For the short-sighted entrepreneur, this means purchasing a cheap website. But, for those with vision, they know that their website is a tool for business growth. Instead of shopping for cheap websites, successful businesses would rather make the investment in a custom site that will eventually […]

The Legalities of Copying a Website Design

A website contains many different creative elements. The overall design relies on images, videos, text, and of course, the underlying code. Some of the parts, such as the code used to create footers, is common to all websites but other elements are unique. Copyright laws protect these aspects of a site. However, the legalities of […]

Easy-to-Update Websites: Custom vs Template

There is a business concept I recently encountered, called ‘phantom deliverables.’ The idea behind this term is that a business can deliver a product or service that the client never asked for and did not even know they needed. For instance, many of our clients come to us for a beautiful website. What they actually […]

7 Website Design Trends for 2018

Web design changes so quickly, that things considered fresh and modern just a couple of years ago may now seem completely dated. If your website is 3-5 years old, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you’ve purposed to redesign your website in 2018, then you want to get as much mileage from your new […]