Month: March 2018

How Does Your Website Fit Within Your Business Model?

The buyer’s journey looks different depending on the type of business involved and the industry in which it operates. For some, the leads are generated before anyone ever visits their company website, but for others, the site is their primary lead generator. Knowing how your company’s clients move from Point A to final conversion will […]

Is On-Page SEO Enough to Rank on Google?

There are two types of search engine optimization (SEO) that can improve your ranking: on-page and off-page. The first, on-page SEO, is absolutely necessary if you want the search engines to categorize your site. Some web designers include this type of search engine optimization as part of their web design package and others do not. Yet, […]

Defining the Boundaries of an Agent-Client Relationship

There are a number of steps involved in building your business online. Find out where web design falls in that timeline and what you must do beforehand and what happens afterward. This can help you develop realistic expectations for your web design project. It will also help you define the boundaries of your agent-client relationship and cut […]