Month: April 2018

3 Feet from Gold – Evaluating Your Web Content

We have a morbid fascination with stories involving lost opportunities. Who hasn’t heard of someone who picked up a valuable item for almost nothing at a garage sale? Or the heir who discovers that his deceased relative never threw away his old baseball cards. What about barn cars that turn out to be worth thousands […]

Competitive Eating and Your Content Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered what competitive food eating can teach you about your website’s content marketing strategy? Probably not, but I’m pretty sure that now I’ve asked the question, you are dying to know the answer. How can a person eat that many hot dogs? It’s like a train wreck. You want to look away […]

4 Valuable Hidden Assets Within Your Current Website

We’ve all heard urban legends of people whose long-forgotten Star Wars figurines are worth thousands of dollars or the lucky guy who bought a $5 picture at a sale that ended up being a long-lost Renoir. Your mom may have thrown out your toys but don’t despair. It’s possible that you’ve overlooked another potential goldmine. That’s […]

A Camel Is a Horse Designed by a Committee

Alec Issigonis, the developer of the European mini, often commented that “a camel is a horse designed by a committee.” Of course, Alec was referring to cars, but the same applies to website design. Having too many people involved in the decision-making process creates bottlenecks and confusion. The result often fails to meet the needs […]