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Why we love them?

If you’re looking for help with your Construction Web Design project, you’re in the right place.

We love working with construction companies. Read the last paragraph in the article to find out why.

We’ve worked with many different clients within the construction industry. From piping, cutting and building infrastructure. To roofing, window installation and siding. While all of our clients are unique we’ve found that there are some similarities in terms of the main benefits we offer our clients.

Here are the main benefits we provide:

Highlight Your Projects

When potential customers come to your website they want to know that your company can deliver. Typically the first thing a visitor does when browsing a construction company website is visit their projects page to check out their work. We help our clients put their best foot forward by making the design clean, visually appealing and image heavy (people don’t like to read these days.)

Also, we use multiple category filters for ever project, so visitors can filter by project type, such as piping, structural, hydronic, etc… Or they can search by industry, such as government, commercial and residential. This allows users to quickly filter through your project portfolio and get to the specific type of work they are interested in.

Easily Found on Google

If you’re like most of our clients then you probably get most of your new construction business via referrals, word of mouth and personal contacts. But wouldn’t it be nice if your new website could generate an entirely new stream of business that you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten? This is something we help our clients do. As you probably know the construction industry is a little behind the times when it comes to online marketing. Because of this it won’t be that difficult for us to get you top ranking for key search terms in your area. And when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we don’t just talk about it. Just ‘Google’ ‘San Francisco Web Design’ or ‘Hire a Web Designer’ and you’ll see that we’re at the very top of Google for both of those keywords.

Mobile Responsive

Did you know that almost 25% of all website traffic comes from mobile these days? All of the construction websites we design are fully mobile responsive. Adapting for the iPhone, the iPad and all other mobile devices. We also design your Project and Service pages in such a way that they are easy view on Mobile, since those are the pages most often visited.

Strong Call to Action

Our main goal when working with a client is not to make them a pretty looking site. You heard that right. Design is not our number one objective. To be sure we love making beautifully designed websites and hope that our portfolio of work reflects that. But at the end of the day the purpose of a website is to generate new business. That is how we measure success for our construction company website clients. Not just in terms of how the site looks, but how it performs in generating new business. That’s why all our sites are designed with strong and specific calls to action to compel website visitors to fill out a contact form, or pick up the phone and take an action.

Construction Website Done For You

Here’s the reason why construction companies love us the most; and frankly, why we love them. Most construction companies we work with are looking for someone to take charge and full ownership of the design process. They are looking for someone they can trust. Both in terms of design, content structure and project management. Most of our clients want to just push a button, and for a new, awesome looking website to appear without them having to do anything. And that’s exactly what we do. And frankly we love working that way. We appreciate working with companies that trust our vision and our process and let us do the heavy lifting for them. If your company is looking for someone to rely on to deliver not only a great website but a great experience throughout the process, then count on us. We won’t let you down.


100% Custom Design. We never use pre-made template. Ever.

Calframe Construction Inc.

Disney Construction

Strongwater Group Services

Monterey Mechanical

Bay Line Cutting

Ameritech Construction

Ranger Pipelines

CSDA Design Group

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